Nicky & Erik: getting married at De Veldkas in Sint Geertruid

Nicky & Erik: getting married at De Veldkas in Sint Geertruid

Getting married in the most unique place in southern Limburg? Nicky and Erik did it! The De Veldkas restaurant in Sint Geertruid was the site for a wonderful wedding day. And now I hear you ask, a unique place? Why? Yes indeed! This restaurant was a veritable pop-up and, for the time being, only stood this summer in a meadow in Sint Geertruid. With small field greenhouses scattered here and there on the hillside, it made for a picturesque sight on the wedding day.

Getting ready

As always, we split up that morning. Erik got ready at his brother’s house and Nicky did so at an Airbnb in Maastricht. Here they had still spent the night together, their last night as boyfriend and girlfriend! Since the weather was beautiful and the venue had French doors, it allowed for beautiful dress shots. Both lovebirds had their best friends by their sides while getting ready. Nicky’s friends helped her put on the beautiful wedding dress, among other things. With men, it is almost always a little easier and faster. Let’s go: suit, tie, vest, cologne and done (don’t forget a shot of something) is our groom!

First look with the bride’s parents

Usually, we photograph the first look when the bride and groom see each other for the first time, but Nicky and Erik did things a little differently! They would not see each other until the ceremony began. And the special thing was that Nicky did a first look with her own parents. Then it was time to go to De Veldkas: time to get married! Erik, meanwhile, was already on location with the bride’s stepfather’s Mini Cooper and in the meantime had time to socialize with the guests. Wedding planner Mandy of FBLS weddings, meanwhile, made sure all the finishing touches were added. Nicky had come up with most of the styling herself (mega cool!) and also made most of the decorations herself.

The ceremony: emotional and loving

And then: in her grandfather’s old car, Nicky arrived at the ceremony. Together with her mother, she walked toward Erik, who was emotional from seeing his beautiful bride! Wedding officiant Ingrid joined this beautiful couple in marriage. She portrayed Nicky and Erik’s relationship in a beautiful narrative way and had everyone laughing and tearful. The bride and groom read each other vows and then they were finally husband and wife! At the end of the ceremony, the guests threw dried flowers (okay, maybe with some it would be better to call it slamming it in their face).

Lunch: tears of emotion and happiness

Okay and then came a moment when we cried along. Over lunch, Nicky confessed that she had had a secret for Erik for months. Just before the food was to be served, Erik got a box in front of him. Inside the box was a photo book containing hundreds of photos of people from all over the world holding up a bill. The message? My love for you has travelled the world. This was so tremendously sweet!


And then, after lunch… suddenly there were 2 sweet alpacas on the grounds! How epic is that, alpacas at your wedding? Who has?

With such a beautiful view of the Enci quarry, the site in the middle of the Limburg hillside landscape, we only had to walk a short distance to take beautiful pictures.

In closing, just before we went to the evening venue, Erik & Nicky did the first dance to the song L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole. This song I think is really their song if I remember it correctly.

In the afternoon, we move to Castle Terworm, a venue that the bride and groom – hang on – had to arrange just days before the wedding day… Long live the corona measures, we say!

Dear Nicky and Erik, what a special day we got to experience with you! How beautiful it all was. We wish you all the best of luck!

Location: De Veldkas, Sint Geertruid (Erik Stevens Catering)
Videographer: 393 Productions
Styling: Nicky
Flowers: Anne’s Mooiste
BABS: Samen-Trouwen
Dress: Queens Bridal Fashion
Suit: Suitsupply
Cake: LoveLicious Cakes
Wedding planner: Mandy Meys, FBLS weddings

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