The best places to elope in Europe

If you’re looking for a romantic and unforgettable way to tie the knot, eloping in Europe might be just what you need! The continent has many stunning and unique locations with a lot of charm. From snow-capped mountain peaks, rough and rugged coastlines, alpine lakes and even glaciers: you’ll find it here. You can go backpacking through the Balkan countries, ski in the Swiss Alps, surf in Portugal or bubble in the hot thermal springs in Iceland: Europe has it all! And this is exactly why it is hard to decide where you two should elope! 

That is the point we – and this blog – come in! 

In this blog, we will tell you all about the best places to elope in Europe and we guide you through deciding where to go. We collected all our knowledge, useful tips and travel advice to help you narrow down all the pretty locations. There are no wrong answers or locations; as long as you and your significant other are happy and you are doing what you love, it is the right choice! 

First, we will enlighten you with some crucial information about getting everything you need, then we’ll get on with our favourite places to go to in Europe!

Beautiful elopement locations in Europe

A few things to consider when choosing to elope in Europe

In many European countries, it is possible for tourists to legally married without any hassle. It is even possible for LGBTQIA+ couples to get married in most countries! However, in some countries, it may require additional research and paperwork. Don’t worry: with a bit of planning, preparation and perseverance it can be easily done!

When planning your elopement, whether it is a European elopement or to some place other in the whole wide world, it is good to keep this in mind and you have to make sure what’s required quite far in advance. In some cases, it may not be worth the extra effort. There are plenty of options though; you can opt for a symbolic ceremony at a location in Europe and get the paperwork done back home.

Forest elopement in Europe, best place to elope

What is the difference between eloping and having a wedding?

The simplest answer to this question is that when you elope, you skip the traditional view of a wedding. Not everyone likes the idea of having a full day planned out, with plenty of guests and spending thousands of dollars (or euros). With an elopement, you can do whatever you want, where you want it and with who you want it. It can even be just the two of you! If you want to know more about this, you can read our blog about the differences and similarities between eloping and weddings.

What paperwork do we need to elope?

This depends on what country you want to elope to. A quite short explanation is as follows: you have a legal ceremony in the country where you live. Go to the courthouse, fill in the paperwork and set off to the country of your choice and have an epic symbolic ceremony. Or, you want to have the official ceremony on the picked elopement spot. You’ll need to do planning and research to find out what the country you’re eloping to needs to have for making it legal and official. You’ll typically need birth certificates, passports and if needed, permits for some locations.

Do we need a witness to elope?

In most countries, you need one or two witnesses to sign the marriage license and make your marriage legal. Some couples choose to let their best friends or parents join, whilst others ask their photographer(s) to sign. For us, this would be an honour to do!

Where can we elope?

There really aren’t that many places where you can’t elope! Though some countries have some restrictions and rules when it comes to a ‘legal’ ceremony. In that case, a wedding is not ruled out! You can have a symbolic ceremony practically everywhere and to seal the deal, you can always get married back home before or after the elopement.

Which location should we pick for our elopement?

Pick something that is meaningful to you or a destination you always dreamt of travelling to. Dream big, there is nothing wrong with that! It is your experience and adventure, do with it whatever you guys want. It should spark joy and it has to be memorable forever more!

Amazing location in the forest for an europe elopement

How do we choose our elopement location?

Europe is an amazing versatile continent, with many beautiful countries and cities. You’ll probably end up asking yourself: with so many beautiful spots, where is the best place to elope?

On this question, there is no right or wrong answer. There are plenty of pretty places to elope in Europe which will be a gorgeous backdrop during your ceremony. But still, which one would be best for you as a couple?

You can ask yourselves some questions written down in the next paragraphs to find out what you really want.


Seasonal changes are very important to keep in mind during the location-picking process! It influences the activities you can do, the locations where you’ll be able to go, what you can wear… It

will also affect the scenery because some people will like spring flowers or fall-coloured leaves as a backdrop. 

> Is there a specific time of the year you want to get married in?

> Do you have a favourite season?

> Where do you feel most comfortable – in warmer or colder weather?

> How do you feel about rain, snow, wind…?

> How to access the location?

> How easily accessible should the location be? If you’re bringing parents or friends would they need special accessibility?

> How far are you willing to travel? International flight + local flight + bus ride…?

> Do you want to hike? Or do you just want a place with beautiful views that requires little hiking?

> Which scenery inspires you?

> Where do you feel happiest and at peace?

Scenery and location

To narrow down a long list of locations that come out of the questions above, think about the type of place you would like to elope to. Would you prefer a city elopement? Or would you rather have a ceremony on top of a mountain? How does a secluded beach, lake or river sound? A forest? A waterfall? As you’ve probably already guessed, the possibilities are endless. 

So… close your eyes. Both of you. And start dreaming about the perfect scene. What backdrop do you see? What do you want to hear? What view do you want to see while saying your vows (I know you’ve probably said the name of your spouse, but beyond that 😉 )?

Still can’t decide? Some people will come up with several spots and plans, sometimes scattered all around the world. Go and try to plan a timeline for each location. Still, no dream is too big! What timeline do you like most? At this point, we’d love to be included in the planning so that we can help you and dream with you to create the most perfect and amazing elopement experience possible!

Iceland northern lights best place for elopements in Europe

Privacy & seclusion

For these parts, there are some important aspects to think about. Bear in mind that most touristy spots are, logically, not very quiet or secluded. Chances are that they are crowded on your wedding day as well. Where most people prefer a tranquil spot for their elopement, some people actually want the buzz of a city! If you are willing to get up at dawn, you can have the streets of Venice or Paris almost all to yourself. Getting up early in the morning is also recommended if you want to get married at a tourist spot in nature! Think about the Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland for example! At dawn (or during the midnight sun), there is a possibility to be all alone!

> How private do you want your location to be?

> Would you be comfortable getting married with other people close by?

> Would you be willing to get up before sunrise to have the place all to yourself? Or, if you get married in a spot on or north of the north pole circle, are you willing to get to the location in the middle of the night?


Eloping is an experience, not only saying ‘I do’ during the ceremony and then taking some pictures at the location. It can be a whole day that you spend doing whatever you two want to do! And why would it have to be only one day if you can also make it a weekend or a week?! You can do what you love most, or things that are on your bucket list. Combining your elopement with your honeymoon, you’re able to even make it more unforgettable!

> Which activities do you both enjoy?

> How long will your trip last?

You probably have a fairly good idea of what your elopement has to look like! Let’s go and have a look at our list of the best places to elope in Europe!

Our 60+ best elopement locations in Europe


Whilst Europe has a lot of stunning locations for elopements, Italy stands out as top choice for couples! It has picturesque and unique landscapes and is praised for its romantic feeling everywhere you go. And… plenty of good food everywhere you go! From the rolling hills with pine trees of Tuscany to the charming canals of Venice, Italy has no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for an intimate and secluded elopement. Here are some of the best locations in Italy to consider for your special day!


There are loads of mountains to find in Europe, but the Italian Dolomites stand out with their rugged mountains and jagged peaks. It’s really unlike any other place in Europe. The Dolomites are a UNESCO heritage site for a good reason! There is something for everyone here. From easily accessible scenic locations via high mountain passes to intense hikes that take you deep into the mountain range. This area is known for its hiking, skiing and climbing possibilities but it also has loads of crystal-clear mountain lakes with some of the most epic backdrops. How’s the food you wonder? It’s great! A mixture of Italian and Austrian delicacies makes some delicious meals. 

Want to learn more about the Italian dolomites? Be sure to check our Ultimate elopement guide for the Dolomites

Lago di Braies sure is a very beautiful location for you elopement in Europe

Lake Como

If you’re looking for a romantic and picturesque location to elope in Europe, look no further than Lake Como. Nestled in the Italian Alps, this stunning lake offers a variety of breathtaking locations along its shoreline where you can exchange your vows and start your new life together! You can choose to get married at a secluded beach or at a charming and romantic villa. Lake Como has something for everyone in every style!

Amalfi Coast

If you want a backdrop for your ceremony with pastel-coloured houses and lemon and olive trees everywhere, then the Amalfi Coast is the perfect place. It is known for its quaint villages and dramatic views. The water of the sea is crystal clear and completely blue! This elopement spot in Italy is known as busy with tourists though. If that is what you’re going for, or if you are willing to wake up at dawn, this spot is perfect for you!

Cinque Terre

This village is picturesque and quaint as well! The houses are painted with bright colours and it truly is a tourist attraction. ‘Cinque Terre’ means ‘five lands’ in English, which refers to the five villages in this area that tower above the rugged coastline of the mediterranean sea. The view is breathtaking and dramatic and perfect for your elopement!


Looking for the most romantic city in Italy to have your elopement in? Then Venice is the answer! With its canals, it is beautiful and unique! Truth be told, Venice is bursting with tourists all year round. But if you think it’s worth waking up at dawn, it is tranquil and you’ll maybe lucky to have a street or bridge by yourself! The best months to go here are September and October because summer can make you feel like a sardine with all the other tourists and it will be scorching hot! 


Most of the time, people who get married do so in Tuscany! It really is a dream come true. The region is known for its sloping hills with pine trees everywhere. If you like charming medieval towns, elegant villas and castles: Tuscany offers a broad range of options for a very romantic elopement. And well, if you and your future spouse are real foodies, you’ll probably love the idea of an elopement in a vineyard, with a custom-made dinner at the end of the day for just the two of you, prepared by a personal chef! 


For a dreamy experience, Rome is a perfect location for your Elopement. The city is known for its rich history, majestic architecture and romantic atmosphere. Rome offers endless opportunities for beautiful pictures on the lively streets. It is the perfect place for couples that want to have their elopement in a buzzing and historical city like this one! Get married at the courthouse of Rome, stroll the streets whilst taking your wedding photos and dine at a good restaurant that serves fine wines of the region. Nothing could go wrong with this plan! 


A romantic and intimate place to elope in Europe is Sicily! It has stunning castles, luxurious villas and breathtaking views over the mediterranean sea! It has a rugged coastline, with waters completely turquoise and crystal clear. The hills are filled with lemon and orange trees. Sicily has a rich history with ancient Greek temples and baroque buildings, so that is an interesting activity if you want to explore the island! The volcano Etna also lies on this island. It is the second most active volcano in Europe (only the Stromboli volcano is more active), so you may be able to see an eruption, which is visible as a glow when it’s dark.


Another one of those famous Italy destinations is Positano! It is a small town on the Amalfi coast. If you love pastel-coloured villages on rugged seacliffs, narrow roads all over the coastline and the most amazing sea views then Positano is the right place for you. You can exchange vows on the beach, and dine with fresh seafood, homemade pasta and good wines. Good to know: Positano is, just like the rest of the Amalfi Coast, busy with tourists. This isn’t the spot for a secluded elopement, but it is one if you are looking for a buzzing environment!

Positano is a very pretty location for your elopement in Europe


This might not be a country that you’d expect as a location for elopements, but it is perfect! The paperwork might be a little confusing and it will take a couple of weeks to process, but it is worth it. Greece boasts picturesque, romantic and unique landscapes. From the white-washed buildings and turquoise waters of Santorini to the church featured in the film Mamma Mia! (I know you know which one I’m talking about 😉 ). Here are a couple of locations to consider for your elopement!


If you’re looking for a romantic and picturesque location to elope in Europe, Mykonos, Greece is a top contender! With its stunning beaches, charming white-washed buildings, and crystal-clear waters, Mykonos offers a dreamy backdrop for a private and intimate wedding ceremony. Plus, the island is known for its vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, making it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.


If you’re looking for a romantic and intimate place to exchange vows with your partner, Santorini in Greece is a top contender. With its stunning views of the Aegean Sea and picturesque venues, it’s no wonder why couples choose to exchange their vows on this Greek island! And what better way to end the night than with a candlelit dinner, taking in the beauty of the water? Santorini truly offers a fairytale setting for your special elopement day! This spot is quite touristy, so we recommend eloping here in autumn so that it is still a nice temperature, but more tranquil!

Agios Ioannis

This chapel is located on the calm island of Skopelos. It is known as the chapel featured in Mamma Mia! The movie. You know, all the stairs they’re climbing? You can do that too! In high season, this might be a crowded and popular place, but you can also visit the spot at dawn so that you have the location for yourselves and have an amazing sunrise as a dramatic backdrop! During the day, you can find a secluded beach where you can say your vows. 

The church of Mamma Mia the movie for your elopement in Europe as the best location


If you are looking for a Scandinavian-style elopement, this is a wonderful country! It is very versatile from nature to rustic villages: Norway has it all! There are loads of insane activities to do in addition to ‘just saying your vows’. Adventurous couples, eat your heart out!


One of our favourite places to elope is absolutely the Lofoten area in Norway. The unique scenic fjords and rocky mountains combined with rugged coastlines make this place truly epic! Depending on the time of year there is even a possibility to spot the northern lights. 

 The Lofoten offers something for everyone. In winter it’s cold and snowy and there will be little daylight, which means there is a bigger chance to catch the northern lights. In the summer it’s warm and sunny. You’ll have loads of daylight as there is something called the midnight sun. This means it doesn’t get dark at all! There are lots of activities to do like whale watching, mountain biking and hiking.

The Fjords

There are so many pretty fjords in Norway that we don’t really know which one we should describe! Should we write about Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, the Lysefjord or any other? Over a period of time, the fjords were carved out and shaped by glaciers. Experiencing the surroundings and scenery is easily done by car on a road trip! If you chose to discover the Hardangerfjord, you can do the Trolltunga hike; this leads you to a famous rock formation that hangs over the fjord and this gives you a unique opportunity to take the most epic wedding picture EVER. Period. But it is to be noted: this isn’t the hike for everyone, because it takes at least 7 – 10 hours round way and they advise you to take a guided tour. Nevertheless, it is an amazing spot for saying I do!


Between Norway and the North Pole, you will find Svalbard, or if you prefer: Spitsbergen. It’s an island that is located in the Arctic Ocean. If you want a winter wedding: this is amazing! Svalbard is a place with many adventurous activities such as skiing, snowboarding, glacier hiking or polar bear spotting. Not many people would consider their elopement here!

Lapland / Finland

This is probably one of the most romantic destinations you can choose. It’s truly a winter wonderland! You have a great chance to spot the northern lights and the millions of different saunas and spas. Also, it’s pretty adventurous with dog sledging, northern light tours and of course all the snow-related activities you could wish for!

The Faroe Islands

Unspoiled beauty! That’s how we describe the Faroe Islands. If you love the green valleys of Scotland, and the otherworldy landscapes of Iceland then you will absolutely love the Faroe Islands. A less crowded destination but equally beautiful! The locals are friendly and eager to share their country with you. Waterfalls, seascapes, rugged cliffs and mountains. The Faroe Islands offer it all.


is The land of fire and ice! Where to start? This country has so much to offer. Iceland is a pretty big country with so much variation in landscapes. Beautiful waterfalls, beaches with black sand, volcanic lava fields, geothermal lagoons, glaciers, epic mountains and let us not forget about the northern lights! 

 We love Iceland for elopements as it is pretty easy to reach by plane and so many of the epic locations are easy to reach by car. You have the best locations without having to hike very far. There are some really cool and remote locations to be found when you like to hike a bit more. 

 We’ve made a complete elopement guide in Iceland to help you on your elopement journey. Check it out here! 


Do you want to plan your elopement next to a waterfall? Iceland is the perfect place. It is known for the numerous waterfalls that offer a majestic and breathtaking backdrop for your elopement ceremony! The most popular waterfalls are Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss and Gulfoss and although they are often quite crowded, with some luck and getting up at dawn or at midnight sun you’ll have the place all for yourself. But don’t worry if you want a more secluded spot: there are plenty of hidden or secret waterfalls!

Black Sand Beach

If you already took some time to explore our website, you might have already read something about this beach! The contrast between the waves of the sea and the black sand is so beautiful, and what about adding a pretty wedding dress to the mix?! In Iceland, you’ll find more beaches with black sand. This one, in particular, is quite touristy, but others are more remote. If we join you on your elopement, we will find a more remote one for you! 


Eloping at Landmannalaugar is an experience out of this world. It is located in the highlands of Iceland and it is quite remote! If you want to get here, you’ll either need to do a multiple-day hike or cross a river in your car (okay, you can book a tour for this as well 😉 ). The area is stunning: the mountains are from rhyolite, with natural hot springs and endless possibilities for long and adventurous hikes. After your elopement ceremony, you can relax in those thermal hot springs.

The Netherlands

In our home country, it is not really common to elope, but the scenery couldn’t be more suitable! It is known as a country with picturesque cities, tulip fields in spring and beautiful coastlines where you’ll often easily find a secluded spot. It is diverse and small, so it is easy to travel from one place to another. We have a couple of locations we really like and recommend to plan your elopement.


This is where you can combine your love of biking with your love for each other. Say your vows and then hop on a bike to explore the city with your new spouse! Not into biking? No problem! Amsterdam offers a variety of other picturesque locations for your elopement, such as a romantic boat ride through the city’s charming canals. With so many options, your special day in Amsterdam is sure to be unforgettable. Sure, it is crowded and touristy. But if you are okay with waking up really early, you’ll have some amazing spots almost for you alone!

Loonse & Drunense Duinen

Our backyard, we say jokingly! This national park is located in the southern part of the Netherlands and features sand dunes, fields of heather and beautiful forests which create an amazing backdrop for your elopement ceremony! There are plenty of spots that are secluded and quiet.

Loonse en Drunense Duinen National Park is one of the best locations in the Netherlands, Europe for your elopement


Eloping in Germany is something for couples that are seeking a romantic and enchanting elopement experience. While we only write about two locations, there are plenty of places where we could’ve written about. The two spots we write about are close to our hearts because they are beautiful and magical!


Located in the south of Germany and close to the Austrian border, you’ll find the Bavarian Alps. This is the perfect elopement location if you’re looking for picturesque alpine villages, green meadows, painted houses, beautiful mountain lakes and great hiking routes into the mountains. The best place to stay would be Garmisch-Partenkirchen as it is close to all sights and a perfect place to explore the Bavarian Alps from. This area is also full of castles of which Neuschwanstein is probably the most known. This is a fairytale castle high up in the mountains. Did you know that this castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney when they were building the castle of sleeping beauty in Disneyland California? In the Bavarian Alps, you will find a lot of beautiful castles, lakes and gardens.


If you’re looking for an urban elopement in Germany, Berlin is the perfect choice! This vibrant city is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and unparalleled energy, making it the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Whether you want to exchange vows in a chic city hall, a trendy rooftop venue, or a historic building with a story to tell, Berlin has something for every couple. After the ceremony, you can explore the city’s many attractions, from world-class museums and art galleries to bustling street markets and trendy cafés.

Switzerland and the Swiss Alps

If you like crystal blue lakes, epic mountain peaks, jaw-dropping lookouts, luxury mountain cabins and so much more, then the Swiss Alps are for you. It is located in the heart of Europe, putting it in the perfect position for a Europe trip honeymoon! 

Some of the most iconic locations like Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Zermatt are perfect hiking destinations with epic mountain scenery. Discover the mountain peaks by taking the ski lifts and spending the night in one of the many mountain cabins. Switzerland is also a great place to elope in winter. Imagine skiing or snowboarding down the mountain, surrounded by the mountains to your elopement ceremony. COUNT US IN!

The Swiss alps is the best location for your elopement in Europe


Oh, you lovebirds! Are you on the hunt for an enchanting and scenic spot to elope in Europe? Well, buckle up because I’ve got just the place for you – Lucerne, Switzerland!

This delightful little town is an absolute gem that boasts breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne and the majestic Swiss Alps. Just imagine saying your “I do’s” with that stunning backdrop – talk about #weddinggoals!

Whether you’re keen on tying the knot in the charming town centre or floating on a boat atop the tranquil lake, Lucerne promises to make your elopement an unforgettable and magical experience. So, pack your bags, grab your sweetheart’s hand, and get ready to create some picture-perfect memories in Lucerne. Love is in the air!


This country is a place of unparalleled natural beauty! It has soaring mountains, crystal clear mountain lakes and dreamy villages that make it a perfect location for your elopement experience! There are loads of activities to plan in addition to your elopement ceremony. Whether you want to get married in the Austrian Alps or in a fairytale town, it is possible! 

The Austrian Alps in short: a versatile landscape, with cascading waterfalls, wonderful hikes, delicious food and sweet people! Hiking here is as hard as you want to make it. Do you want to see beautiful waterfalls? Visit the Bärenschützklamm in Steiermark, or go geo rafting on the Salza River: a combination of an adrenaline rush and some history lessons in the gorge of Eisenwurzen! Visit the Skywalk in Dachstein – a suspension bridge not for the faint-hearted people! Your lookout is the Dachstein Glacier. 

In Austria, you can also legally elope as a same-sex couple, even if you’re not an Austrian citizen!


Vienna, Austria is a great option for your elopement! With its stunning architecture, charming cafes, and beautiful parks, Vienna offers a perfect backdrop for a memorable elopement. Plus, the city is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, making it a great destination for couples who appreciate history and the arts. 

One of the best places to consider for pictures is Schönbrunn Palace, located in Vienna, Austria. The palace boasts stunning gardens and breathtaking views, making it the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos. For an extra special touch, plan your elopement around sunset to capture the most romantic lighting.


These are my favourite things… Do you see yourself skipping in the gardens and around the fountains portrayed in the Sound of Music movie so that you can make your elopement in Salzburg also one of your favourite things? Strolling the cobblestone streets and visiting the quaint cafes are perfect if you like your activities tranquil and easy. The city itself has rich architecture and a big musical heritage, so it is a great spot if you two love those two things! If you are looking for a more adventurous activity, you can travel to the Salzkammergut region where you can hike. 

Salzburg is a romantic and unique spot for your elopement, even though it is busy with tourists during the high season. Waking up early is one way of dodging the crowds! 

View over Salzburg, Austria city Elopement in Europe

The Julian Alps, Slovenia

If you love to go off the beaten path, the Julian Alps are just what you’re looking for. This mountain range in Slovenia borders Italy and Austria. These mountains are known for their waterfalls and water activities such as paddling the Soca River or hopping on a boat to discover Lake Bled.  Another huge plus is that this place is a lot more budget-friendly for your elopement! 


For the lovers of Outlander… No, you are not allowed to touch standing stones during your elopement, ‘cause you’re already marrying your Jamie! 😉

If the two of you are looking for a romantic and adventurous choice of elopement, Scotland is what you should check out! It has epic and dramatic scenery, rough landscapes and intriguing history. There are plenty of secluded spots to be found here, and if you want a city to elope to, you can go to Edinburgh. 

Isle of Skye

Looking for a romantic and picturesque location to elope in Europe? Consider the Isle of Skye in Scotland. With its rugged landscapes, dramatic cliffs, and stunning waterfalls, Skye offers a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. Plus, with its remote location and peaceful atmosphere, you’ll feel like you have the island all to yourselves. Whether you’re looking for a simple ceremony on the beach or a more elaborate celebration, Skye is sure to make your elopement unforgettable.


The Scottish highlands, what an amazing place this is. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The amazing nature in Scotland is one of the main reasons to elope here. The many lochs, mountains and amazing sea cliffs make it a great place to elope. But that’s not all! Scotland is full of historic places, castles, amazing folklore and legends. From Vikings to knights and lords. Scotland has it all! Check out our complete guide to Eloping in the Scottish highlands for more information. 


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is often chosen as a destination for eloping! The city is famous for its rich history, cultural attractions and paint-like streets. Get married at the courthouse and spend the day strolling around, enjoying your time together. Visit coffee and bookshops on the Royal Mile, explore the National Museum of Scotland and dine in a pub, just like locals do.

Scotland as your elopement location is one of the best locations in Europe

United Kingdom

From its stunning natural landscapes to its rich cultural and historical heritage, the UK offers a lot of options for your elopement! Whether you want to marry in buzzing London, elope in a quaint countryside village or elope on a rugged coastline: England has a lot to offer!


With its bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and rich history, London is the perfect choice for those looking to add a little urban charm to their special day. Whether you’re dreaming of saying “I do” in Hyde Park or taking your love to new heights with a ceremony on the London Eye, the possibilities are endless!

And the fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve exchanged vows! Spend the rest of your day exploring all of your favourite spots or finally checking out those must-see locations you’ve always wanted to visit in the city. From museums and galleries to markets and restaurants, London has something to offer every couple.


For a beachy elopement outside the city, Cornwall is an amazing spot! It offers breathtaking views on a rugged coastline with crystal clear waters and that makes it the ideal backdrop for an amazing secluded and intimate ceremony! Imagine exchanging vows with the sea as your witness and the salty breeze in your hair – pure magic, right? 

For an indoor wedding, there are plenty of options as well. From charming farmhouses and rustic barns to a historic church, there are plenty of lovely venues to choose from for your elopement! 


In the south of Wales, you will find a national park with amazing landscapes and breathtaking views over mountain lakes and forests. While it may be a popular destination, there are plenty of hidden gems scattered around throughout the park! That ensures you to say I do in complete privacy. Snowdonia has a rich history. That is why you’ll find numerous castles and ruins to make sure you have an amazing backdrop for your elopement ceremony.

Brecon Beacons National Park

Located in the heart of Wales you will find this national park with amazing views over mountains and their rolling hills. The spot is the ideal place to do some stargazing in the middle of the night! Other activities in this park include walking and good to know: your dog is welcome, so they can give their blessing over your vows! Due to this being a stunning location, it can be a challenge to find the perfect spot. It might be that during hiking you say: this is where it’s going to be! 

Brecon Beacons National Park elopement photographers best places in Europe


Eloping in Ireland is a magical place to create those unforgettable memories! It offers a variety of stunning landscapes and picturesque villages and a lot of cultural heritage! You can plan loads of different activities around your elopement ceremony to make it unforgettable, like visiting historic castles, cosy pubs or kayaking along the coast. 


The ultimate destination for a city elopement that makes your heart skip a beat! Visit the city centre and just stroll. Enjoy your time being together with the one you love most. Sign your marriage certificate at the courthouse and then do whatever you want! Drink a Guinness beer and enjoy live music in the pub, or visit a museum such as the Dublin Writers Museum to learn more about some famous writers. 

Howth Cliffs

If you crave some nature after you signed the licence, this is the place for you! It is just a drive of an hour from Dublin. Enjoy a beach walk with the waves crashing in, and take some yummy foods with you so that you can enjoy a simple but meaningful and romantic picnic.

Cliffs of Moher

On the west coast, you will find the cliffs of Moher. It is the perfect backdrop for your intimate elopement ceremony! You can exchange your vows with the wind in your hair, whilst hearing the waves crashing into the rocks below. How romantic and soothing! But that wind has one downside: it can be a little too windy! Make sure you have a backup plan if your veil tries to go on a trip on its own! 😉

Dingle Peninsula

Up until we started to do some research about the best and most beautiful elopement locations in Ireland, we’d never heard of Dingle Peninsula! And we don’t know why because it is stunning! This spot has some seriously rugged terrain where you can choose to tie the knot on a beach, with a castle or ruin as a backdrop or on a fjord. Visit the city of Galway, drive the Wild Atlantic Way (or just a tiny piece of it) or hop on a boat to spot some dolphins or even whales! If you are very, very lucky, you might even have a chance to spot the northern lights!

Causeway Coast

Game of Thrones enthusiasts, listen up! Because if you’re looking for a way to tie the knot that’s as epic as the show itself, then the Causeway Coast is where it’s at! You can exchange your vows at the very same spots where the show was filmed, like the Cushendun Caves or the Dark Hedges. Or walk along the mystical rocks of Giants Causeway to find your spot for the elopement Ceremony. So, what are you waiting for? Get your partner, grab your direwolf (or just your regular dog…) and head over to the Causeway Coast for a wedding day that’s sure to be as epic as the Seven Kingdoms themselves!


Aaaah, l’amour… Or so would the French say! Most people will answer that they think of France as a romantic country, but it has so much in store! From world-class cuisine to breathtaking landscapes, wonderful beaches with crystal clear sea to quaint villages… It’s too much to sum up! 


Elope to the City of Love and tie the knot in the most romantic city in the world! Imagine saying your vows right in front of the Eiffel Tower or in the Luxembourg Gardens. While Paris elopements may be a bit more crowded than other outdoor venues, the magic of this city will make it an unforgettable experience! Wake up at dawn and have a quiet time with the streets almost empty for the most epic pictures ever.

Paris, city of love for a good location in Europe for elopements


A less touristy destination, but still an amazing place if you love the mountains: the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain and traversing Andorra, are mostly overshadowed by the Alps. But they

also offer amazing mountain ranges with quaint villages in the middle of snowy and untouched landscapes. Hike to the top of a beautiful mountain peak and exchange your vows at sunset or sunrise!


This is a dream location for an elopement that you want to have surrounded by vineyards and chateaus! Go to wine tastings, visit the Musee des Beaux-Arts or have your dinner at one of the many Michelin-starred restaurants. An elopement in Bordeaux has a lot of charm and elegance, with activities for everyone to make the whole elopement experience complete and unforgettable!


If you’re looking for a stunning elopement destination that screams luxury, look no further than Nice on the French Riviera. With its charming chalets, elegant villas, and breathtaking views, this location has everything you need to make your special day unforgettable. 

After signing the marriage contract, walk down the iconic Promenade des Anglais, and visit the Mediterranean markets along the coast, where you can get some artisan delicacies and have a picnic at sunset on the beach. 


In the southeast of France, you will find the region called Provence, known for its beautiful purple fields of lavender, reaching as far as you can see! When organizing your elopement here, you can be sure to hear the cigales, cicadas in English. They sometimes make a deafening noise which is typical for this part of France. And speaking of animals: who thought you had to travel far or to a zoo to see flamingos, was wrong! In the Camargue, on the border of the regions Provence and Languedoc, they live in the wild! The Camargue is a swamp with numerous shallow salt lagoons and it’s established as a nature reserve. On some of the salt lagoons, you can have beautiful photoshoots when the golden hour starts, resulting in a white floor and a sky that’s on fire! On the western side of the Provence, you have the pretty village of Aigues-Mortes, which rose in the middle ages. This place is perfect for those romantic photos, though it can be very touristy in peak season.

A lavender field in the Provence is one location for the best places in Europe to elope

Mont Blanc and the French Alps

You’ll find the French Alps in the southeast of France. This is where you’ll find the highest mountain in Europe: Mont Blanc. In the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley, you will have amazing views of the mountain itself. You can go up the mountain from each of the authentic villages in this valley to see the Argentière glacier, or to stand on the top of the Mont Blanc after a heavy hike. In the French Alps, you will find everything we’ve come to love about the mountains. Sweeping views, high alpine lakes and epic mountain ridges will never disappoint!


If you want to exchange vows during your elopement in stunning surroundings, great hospitality and a lot of cultural heritage, Portugal is the perfect place! Here, you can visit wineries, vineyards, castles and beaches (and more) for your I do’s. The best of all is that you can get married here as a non-resident if you meet the legal requirements.


This village is also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic and has a great blend of beautiful views, culture and history. It has beaches and picturesque towns and is ideal for a small and intimate wedding such as an elopement! You’re able to do plenty of activities such as hiking, swimming and diving! Or, you can visit the restaurants locals go to, visit landmarks such as the cathedral, Forte de Sao Tiago or the Mercado dos Lavradores (market). Madeira is a spot where you can book luxury resorts and hotels so that you can relax! 

The Azores 

The Azores is one of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. They are known for their dramatic coastlines and crystal-clear waters. This makes an amazing backdrop for your elopement ceremony! In the Azores, the main activity is diving, because you have that clear water. It is possible that you spot manta rays: the Azores is one of the few places where these giants come all year round! Whales and sharks are possible to spot as well! If you’re more of a diver for wrecks or caves, this is also the place for you! And, how idyllic would it be if you have your elopement ceremony on a boat? 

The Azores are the best location for a tropical elopement in Europe


Sintra, the fairytale of Portugal! It even is the so-called UNESCO world heritage. Here you can pay a visit to the Palacio Nacional da Pena and exchange your vows in the national park of this palace. Or visit the Parque & Palacio de Moserrate! For a more unique experience, we recommend the Quinta da Regaleira, which is a garden full of caves, rivers and small buildings.

Algarve Coast

Are you dreaming of a beachy wedding? Do you love the Mediterranean vibes? Then the Algarve Coast in Portugal is the place for you. It has some really nice beaches, epic seacliffs and don’t forget the Mediterranean sunshine. Combine this with the amazing food and you can have yourself a blast of an elopement!


If you’re looking for diverse landscapes and stunning architecture, Spain is the place for your elopement! It has delicious food, vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches, together with rich culture and warm hospitality. How about ending your elopement with a lesson in salsa dancing, or a cooking class in tapas? That’s a great way to start this new chapter in life!


This island is amazing! It has a crystal clear sea where you can enjoy some snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. For your elopement ceremony, you can try and find a secluded beach to hike to or rent a boat for a day and exchange vows while your feet are dangling in the water. When returned to the mainland, eat some paella, drink some sangria and watch a sunset. This makes the perfect tranquil and romantic elopement getaway!


This island is well known for its partying and bohemian themes! It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has mountains coated with forests and rocks. In Ibiza, summers are hot and winters are quite mild. In summer, Ibiza will attract a lot of party people. Therefore it will be busy, but if you guys are up to a good party, you should seriously consider eloping here!


If you’re looking for a Spanish city elopement, Sevilla might be the perfect city! It is the capital of Andalusia and has some very special spots to go to. Alcazar Palace for instance combines the elements of Islamic and Christian architecture, which therefore has a unique look! The cathedral of Sevilla is also beautiful as a backdrop! In this city, you will find a lot of delicious food such as gazpacho, paella and pescaito frito, which you can perfectly pair with local wines or sherry! 


This multicultural city, full of beautiful architecture is waiting for you! It has a vibrant culture and a rich history, so if you are interested in historical activities in addition to your fantastic elopement in Barcelona, this is the place to be. Of course, the best-known spot in Barcelona is the square in front of the cathedral Sagrada Familia, but did you know that there were plenty of other pretty spots? You can visit Park Guell, with the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, stroll along Las Ramblas or visit Camp Nou if you are a lover of football! Your ceremony can be held at Parc de la Ciutadella or at the beach for instance, but there are plenty of other pretty spots.

Barcelona is a perfect location in Europe for a city elopement


Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the central part of the country. It is a city that is buzzing and it has a unique mix of old and new. As for elopements, Madrid has plenty of pretty venues and locations for small and intimate weddings and elopements. 

You can choose from historic landmarks like the Royal Palace of Madrid or the Almudena Cathedral, beautiful parks like Retiro Park or Casa de Campo, or even rooftop terraces with panoramic views of the city skyline. Madrid has a lot of museums to make your elopement experience complete. You can visit the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, or the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. The food is very good: you can find traditional tapas bars and other restaurants to make your day complete!


Valencia is a beautiful city located on the southeastern coast of Spain. It’s definitely one of the most charming cities in Spain! Valencia is a great place for elopements as it has many lovely venues and pretty locations.

You can choose from stunning landmarks like the City of Arts and Sciences, the Cathedral of Valencia or the Torres de Serranos. If you prefer nature, there are many parks and gardens to choose from like the Turia Gardens, Albufera Natural Park or the Jardines de Monforte. In Valencia, you’ll find the Oceanografic, one of the largest aquariums in Europe. How about exchanging your vows in front of an aquarium?

And let’s not forget about the food! Valencia is famous for its paella, a traditional Spanish dish made with rice, vegetables and seafood. Serve that with a glass of sangria and enjoy!


This island is located in the chain of the Canary Islands and is located off the coast of West Africa. It is part of Spain though! The island has volcanic landscapes, golden beaches and very clear waters and it is truly a perfect location for your elopement! Most couples elope on

a secluded beach, with the backdrop of stunning cliffs. Lanzarote is an ideal place for divers: it has a true underwater museum (yes, this is underwater – but not about the underwater world) and you can see several sharks and fishes. In addition to that and due to Lanzarote being a volcanic island, you are also able to explore the underwater volcanic formations! This includes lava tunnels and submerged craters. If you prefer land-based activities, Lanzarote also has a lot to offer! Rent a bike and explore the cycling routes, or hike your way through stunning landscapes with natural wonders such as Timanfaya National Park or the Famara Cliff. You can also relax and enjoy on one of the many beaches, or enjoy one of the many wellness experiences such as a volcanic stone massage or a session in one of the many hot springs. 


Just as Lanzarote is Tenerife a volcanic island in the chain of the Canary Islands. It has rugged volcanic mountains and lush green forests, just like stunning beaches. In Teide National Park you’ll always find a pretty spot for your elopement! Because it is surrounded by water, you can also choose to rent a boat and have your elopement ceremony during sunset, while you hear the water gushing to the sides of the boat. You can’t have it more romantic! Do you want to find the child inside of you? Go and visit Siam Park, one of the largest waterparks in Europe!

Picos de Europe

In the north of Spain, you will find the mountain range of Picos de Europe. It has rugged limestone peaks, deep canyons, green forests and beautiful rivers. The highest peak is the Torre de Cerredo with a height of 2648 metres (8688 feet) above sea level. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place to plan your elopement! There are many hiking trails where you can choose your own unique location for the ceremony. It has stunning views over the landscapes and is truly a special place that not many people have heard of!

Ski & snowboard elopement locations in Europe

How cool would it be to go skiing or snowboarding for your elopement? Europe has some of the best ski resorts in the world, so there is plenty of choice for you. These ski resorts combine stunning scenery with that mountain town vibe and world-class pistes. Get ready for an active and adventurous elopement! We’ve listed some of the best ski areas Europe has to offer. 

 Kitzbuhel, Austria 

 Zermatt, Switzerland 

 Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy 

 Chamonix, France 

 Zillertal, Austria 

 Val Gardena, Italy 

 Wengen, Switzerland 

 Les Trois Vallées, France 

 Val d’Isere, France 

 Sankt Anton am Arlberg, Austria 

 Zugspitze, Germany

Eloping in a city

Several European cities are perfect for eloping! If you really like culture and the buzz of people, you can consider eloping in… 

 Vienna, Austria 

 Salzburg, Austria 

 Graz, Austria 

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

 Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

 Maastricht, The Netherlands 

 London, UK 

 Edinburgh, Scotland 

 Dublin, Ireland 

 Cochem, Germany 

 Trier, Germany 

 Berlin, Germany 

 Copenhagen, Denmark 

 Stockholm, Sweden 

 Oslo, Norway 

 Helsinki, Finland 

Eloping on a beach

Collioure, France

Plage de Palombaggia, Corsica, France

Praia do Guicho, Portugal

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Elafonisi Beach, Crete, Greece

Cala Macarella, Menorca, Spain

Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia, Italy

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island, Croatia

Langevelderslag, The Netherlands

Vrouwenpolder, The Netherlands

Iceland, Black Sand Beach is one of the best places to elope in Europe

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