Manon & Stan’s summer wedding at De Oude Kerk

Manon & Stan’s summer wedding at De Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk, Dongen
Auberge du Bonheur, Tilburg

Friday, September 13, 2019: Stan and Manon are getting married today! For many, Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but certainly not for this couple.

We ourselves are starting today split: Tim goes to the bride and I go to the groom. Both slept in their parents’ home last night. Well, slept… Stan admits he didn’t sleep that much. Surely there is some healthy excitement!

In the morning, we photographers often take the time to capture important details: in this case, for example, Manon’s hairpins, jewellery and wedding shoes.

Meanwhile, at the groom’s house, the wedding car and flowers arrive. We can almost be on our way to the bride! First I take some more detailed shots of the corsages, the bouquet and the car and then I drive ahead to the bride’s parents’ house.

There, lunch is served with, how could it be otherwise, sausage rolls and we anxiously await the arrival of the groom.

Then it’s finally time! We can hear the prattle of the oldtimer coming from afar and then we have a fantastic first look.

Time to relax some more, take group photos and then it’s time to leave for the wedding venue where we will have the love shoot.

Just before the day guests arrive, Stan and Manon leave in their car. They drive around the area some more, as they are eager to make their grand entrance. No one should see them for a while! The ceremony is with laughter and tears.

In addition to the witnesses, the bridesmaids sign their own marriage certificate.

Then it’s time for the reception with bubbles and cake.

At the end of the afternoon, we move to Auberge du Bonheur in Tilburg. This is where the dinner and party will take place. During dinner, the parents of the bride and groom give a moving speech.

After a moment of freshening up, the party began which lasted into the early hours!

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