The 12 Best Wedding Venues in Brabant

The 12 Best Wedding Venues in Brabant

Aaaah, you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue in Brabant. But there is so much choice! From castles to getting married in the woods, it’s all possible. In this blog, we’ll give you a hand. And we would love to hear from you if the venue is chosen and you still need a wedding photographer from Brabant! 😉

Meneer van Eijck

Want to hold your ceremony in the middle of the forest? Then Meneer van Eijck is the perfect location.

Together with their own wedding planner Ylja van der Sluijs, this venue has everything you need to make your day unforgettable. With the unique ceremony in the forest, a super dinner and a fantastic party, it can only be a great day!

  • Where: Oisterwijk
  • Capacity:
    • Ceremony: 150 guests
    • Party: 200 guests

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Het Witte Kasteel

Located in picturesque Loon op Zand, our home base! Of course, this one could not be missing from our list because we are practically neighbours, but it is also just a beautiful wedding venue with all the conveniences. A beautiful castle from the year 1387 with many atmospheric rooms, outbuildings, a castle garden and 4 acres of estate. So whether you want to get married inside or outside, at Het Witte Kasteel both are no problem. Also at Het Witte Kasteel, they have an in-house wedding planner who can take care of your wedding down to the last detail. Bonus point: from the White Castle, you’re just minutes from De Loonse and Drunense Duinen Nature Park. One of our favourite spots for a photo shoot.

  • Where: Loon op Zand
  • Capacity: 120 guests

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Landgoed Huize Bergen

Landgoed Huize Bergen is another Brabant topper. A listed building surrounded by nature provides a romantic ambience. With an experienced wedding team, you can be completely unburdened at Huize Bergen. They like to think with you about how you envision your wedding. If you choose this location, you won’t have to move around for the rest of the day. From ceremony to party, everything can be arranged here. This provides peace and relaxation! You also have plenty of options here for your wedding photos.

Also, check out the styled wedding we did in collaboration with Landgoed Huize Bergen.

  • Where: Vught
  • Capacity: 175 guests

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Kasteel Maurick

Will you become the new “Queen of the North” with a winter wedding with a snow guarantee or would you rather get married in the summer with a fairytale wedding? At Kasteel Maurick, it’s all possible. A beautiful castle surrounded by moats in the wooded area of Vught. The castle dates back to the year 1400. Whether you choose the winter setting or the beautiful castle garden (where you can say yes under the beautiful white rain), the team at Maurick Castle is ready for you. Dinner and a smashing party are also no problem here. You can proceed immediately after the party to the beautiful bridal suite for your first night as a married couple.

  • Where: Vught
  • Capacity: 250 guests

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De Brabantse Hoeve

A fully customized wedding? Then you are in the right place at De Brabantse Hoeve.

The team will do everything possible to give you an unforgettable day. There are more than enough options; from a country atmosphere to a festival wedding. Getting married outdoors here is possible in all forms or styles. They also offer a winter wedding option. You can get married indoors or outdoors. Party in the cosy and modern farmhouse and then have a drink with your friends or family in the living room. You can also stay overnight in one of the hotel rooms.

  • Where: Volkel
  • Capacity 150 guests

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De Vlaamsche Spijcker

In the green outskirts of Dongen lies the monumental wedding location Vlaamsche Spijcker. This award-winning site dates back to the year 1575. This is the oldest dated Flemish barn in the Netherlands and Belgium. The possibilities here are endless. Whether you want to get married inside by the fireplace or perhaps outside in the garden, it’s all part of it. Combining several intimate places does not incur additional costs. However, a party is not possible here. So you will still have to change locations. But who can say they got married in the oldest Vlaamsche Spijcker in the Netherlands & Belgium!!!?

  • Where: Dongen
  • Capacity: up to 60

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Klooster Bethlehem

A beautiful monastery located in the farmlands of the village of Haren. This venue has everything under one roof and makes every event a perfect day. Klooster Bethlehem also has its own wedding team to completely take care of you and create the most beautiful setting.

With their atmospheric halls, you can get married inside, but holding the wedding ceremony outside is also an option. A fabulous party is also no problem here. With their state-of-the-art lighting and sound system, you can end the day with a bang!

  • Where: Haren
  • Capacity:
    • Ceremony: 125 guests
    • Party: 250 guests

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Kasteel Geldrop

Getting married in a beautiful castle, who wouldn’t want that? A royal wedding hall or a beautiful castle garden: it all sounds like a dream. At Landgoed Kasteel Geldrop, the possibilities are endless. It is also easily accessible, just outside Eindhoven. Dining like a king is also no problem here, as is partying like royalty.

  • Where: Geldrop
  • Capacity: up to 450 guests

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Landgoed de Grotebeek – Het Ketelhuis

On this estate, you will find Het Ketelhuis, a wedding venue of all amenities.

This national monument is in a unique location with beautiful natural light and high ceilings. Both indoor and outdoor weddings are among the possibilities. With 2 terraces and a party room, you can dine and party until the late hours. When the party is over, you can have a wonderful afterglow in the bridal suite.

  • Where: Eindhoven
  • Capacity: up to 600 guests

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De Oude Kerk

Is a beautiful old ruin in which you can get married. The site dates back to the 14th century and over the years this old church has accumulated a rich history. This location has been designated as an official wedding venue by the Municipality of Dongen. You can also come here for a reception, party or dinner. Not only is this location suitable as a wedding venue, but you can also go here for a beautiful wedding shoot. We had the pleasure of photographing a wedding here ourselves and are big fans of this beautiful location!

  • Where: Dongen
  • Capacity: up to 150 guests

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The Philharmonie

The Philharmonie is an attractive landmark villa with beautiful tall windows and a bay window that give the building its authentic look. The team at the Philharmonie likes to think with you, which makes for a range of possibilities. Start your day with lunch and the ceremony, followed by a delicious dinner and you end your day in the early hours with a smashing party. You don’t have to find another location for the photo shoot either. You can visit the estate under the trees, on steps in front of the bay window or in front of a beautiful wall by the stained glass.

  • Where: Tilburg
  • Capacity: up to 500 guests

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Auberge du Bonheur

Another delightful location in Tilburg. We have had the pleasure of photographing here twice already and the next times are already on the agenda. Auberge du Bonheur is the ideal wedding venue. A romantic and attractive country house with de Oude Warande as its setting. A beautiful ceremony, a delicious bbq dinner and a fun party night. In other words, everything you need for a successful wedding day! Together with the in-house wedding planner, you will make it a beautiful day. You can also choose to stay overnight in the bridal suite and then you can have the closest friends and family stay overnight as well.

  • Where: Tilburg
  • Capacity: up to 250 guests

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Why get married in Brabant… 2 reasons

Number 1: The sociability

Brabant is known for its conviviality. You probably know the lyrics: “en dan denk ik aan Brabant, want daar brandt nog licht…” (roughly translated: ‘and then, I think of Brabant. Because the light will still be on there’) So do you like to party and are a fan of Guus? Then you have to get married in Brabant!

Of course, Brabant has much more to offer than a mountain of conviviality. When it comes to wedding venues, the options vary enormously. Whether you want a city wedding in Eindhoven, Breda or Den Bosch or would rather say “I do” in beautiful nature or in a country estate: it’s all possible. Of magnificent castles, beautiful churches or magnificent estates.

Number 2: the hospitality of Brabant

Have you chosen an epic castle, an estate in nature or a beautiful monastery? They are all good options and you will find that the Brabanders are super hospitable. So you can be confident that the teams at Brabant wedding venues will do everything they can to meet your needs and give you an unforgettable day!

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