What you need to know: getting married in the backyard

What you need to know: getting married in the backyard

Maybe you are engaged and have seen one of our previous blogs: Biba & Enrico: getting married in the backyard. In doing so, we organized a backyard wedding in Eindhoven. And now you’re thinking: cool! Get married in your own backyard! But … how do I arrange this? No worries, we’ve got ya! In this blog, you will read all you need to think about.

Wedding Location

First of all, most gardens are not officially designated as wedding venues so you can’t just have your ceremony in any place. Now if you want to get married in a location like your backyard, you can apply to the municipality where you live for a permit. The cost of this permit varies widely; in Eindhoven, for example, it costs “only” €125. In other cities, we have seen prices above €400. Granted, it is cheaper than many existing wedding venues. But so it’s not free either. The permit is often only valid once

Wedding Officiant

Usually, the marriage is performed by a registrar of marriage in the municipality where you are getting married. What is also popular is a babs (or, in English: an officiant). This stands for Extraordinary Civil Status Officer. In fact, anyone can become a babs! A backyard wedding is already heartily intimate, but imagine if you could be married by your father, aunt, brother or best friend. How special is that?


And then the practical part: so how do you dress up the garden nicely? At past weddings and styled shoots, we’ve seen some super cute things! Of course, to make it easy on yourself, you can hire a stylist to help you. This one will have many contacts where you can get backdrops, for example, or those cute vases for the flowers on the dinner table. Or maybe they have all the stuff themselves.

Now if you don’t have the budget to hire someone (or you think: yes, fun challenge!), then, of course, you can do it yourself very well. Then first start with a brainstorm where you write down all the ideas that pop into your head. Check out photos from other weddings, too! Who knows, you might come across something fun there. Next, it is helpful to enlist the help of family and friends! Go on a search together for all the goodies you need, or find vendors to go with them. Consider, for example, the shoot of Biba and Enrico we mentioned in the introduction, here Serviesje van Miesje collaborated. Thanks to her, we had beautiful tableware and she also dug up some bottles so we could put the cast on the table nicely. Scour flea markets, stop by thrift stores, check out Marketplace (don’t forget Facebook’s Marketplace, too!) and collect all sorts of things. Especially if you have a backyard theme or a vintage theme, you can’t go wrong!

In conclusion

When you get married in the backyard, you can make the wedding very personal. You can put all your creativity into it! The only thing you do have to think about is that you do have to deal with all the junk that still needs to be cleaned up and cleaned the day after… And then just hope the hangover is not too great! Suppliers: Serviesje van Miesje | Bus van Zus

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