Claudia and Jens: getting married at Het Havenhuis

Claudia and Jens: getting married at Het Havenhuis

In mid-July, we finally got to photograph another wedding! Claudia and Jens got married in the heart of Etten-Leur at the Havenhuis. In a cool vintage car, our bride and groom drove to their life as a married couple.

The getting ready

The day began quietly; Tim stayed with our bride of the day and I (Julianne) went out with the groom. Off to the barber and then on to Jens’ parents’ house.

In Claudia’s case, the makeup artist came to her home to make up the bride. Meanwhile, Tim took some nice detailed shots of the rings. Then it was time for Jens to see his bride for the first time! First, we had to drive a bit. And since we had the time, we took a scenic route. There was plenty of time to get a good picture of the vintage car. This car was very special for the bride and groom: Claudia’s father totally refurbished the car, especially for the wedding. A true enthusiast would have recognized the classic, an MGA, of course!

The first look was nice and quiet and then it was time for a nice lunch hosted by The Havenhuis. Claudia and Jens’ garden was beautifully decorated with cool polaroids, stationary and dried flowers.

And then, after the delectable lunch, it’s time for the love shoot. We are going to the Pannenhoef in Rijsbergen, near Breda. In this beautiful forest, we also did their engagement shoot with the lovebirds.

The ceremony and beyond

And then it’s already time to leave for Het Havenhuis. The guests wait anxiously for the bride and groom, the ceremony is about to begin!

After a beautiful and personal ceremony, the party toasted the bride and groom. The cake will also be cut. Unfortunately, due to corona measures, no partying is allowed in the evening, but a nice long dinner can be enjoyed. Fortunately, the party can be moved to next year, when Claudia and Jens will have been married for a year!

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