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Do you dare to defy the norm?

To cast aside the traditional way of tying the knot?

Does this sound like a breath of fresh air?

When you wake up this morning, you know it’s gonna happen: today is your elopement! It’s the day you worked and planned for the past months. You landed at the airport in Iceland 5 days ago and when the wheels of your aeroplane hit the ground, you looked to your significant other and knew: this is the trip we’ve been waiting for!

Last night, you hung out at the hot tubs outside your cottage. You were waiting for the northern lights to show, but sadly: not yet! However, the predictions tonight are INSANE so you can’t wait for that! But first: breakfast with your spouse-to-be and a snuggle after, hop in the shower and throw on some easy-fitting clothes. The makeup and hair artist is here and the photographers are also! It’s getting very real now and there is NO stress AT ALL, just fun.

The tour guide is already waiting for your door with the humongous car that can take you up the Katla ice cave. That is also where your ceremony will take place, officiated by the tour guide. You can take your sweet time enjoying: you have nowhere to go! The sun sets, and it’s time to go: your fancy dinner awaits, cooked by a private chef. As the cherry on top, he warns you: the northern lights are blasting like no other – fuck yeah, that’s this was everything you imagined and more. WHAT A DAY!

Did you know…

if you’re eloping to Iceland, the possibilities are endless!

  1. Plan and do whatever the heck you want. This is your day, the point is to celebrate love!
  1. Relax! Have no stress to plan a fancy big wedding, but enjoy Iceland and its wonderful nature.
  1. Dream away your epic wedding day: there is NO limit. None. Go on that helicopter tour over the countless glaciers Iceland has, or hike that amazing trail if you want to keep it smaller: there are no limits to what you should do or spend!
  1. By keeping it small and intimate, you can spend time with people (or with the person) that matter(s) most to you. No pressure, just time to connect, explore and create memories.

Are you dreaming about eloping in Iceland? We are here listening, hyping you up, helping you plan the day of your dreams and taking amazing photos so you can look back on your unique and perfect elopement day in Iceland!

Hi, we’re Tim & Julianne

For the last 6 years, we’ve been wedding and elopement photographers and with the experience we have, we help our couples to have the best experience possible!

What you can expect from us as your photographers: amazing adventure, lots of fun and insanely beautiful photos!

Why Work With Us


With six years of experience and over 60 elopements and intimate weddings under our belt, we can guarantee your day will be captured with skill and creativity and it will be planned with a lot of knowledge and love. We’re dedicated to ensuring you have the best and most unique way of experiencing your elopement, while we document every meaningful moment. You can let go of stress and just focus on fun and love, while we capture the magic and create memories for a lifetime!


Iceland is a land of adventure, where bright mornings can quickly change to dramatic, moody afternoons. As your Iceland elopement photographers, we’re prepared to capture stunning photos no matter the weather. Need help planning your elopement? I’m here for you. Whether you dream of marrying in an ice cave or a secluded canyon, you’ve found the right partner for your adventure. Let’s make the most of Iceland’s wild beauty and create an unforgettable experience.

Authentic & Pure

As your elopement photographers in Iceland, we’re here to capture your big day. We mix the beautiful Icelandic scenery with the real emotions of your elopement, making sure your photos are truly unique. Our goal is to take natural, honest, and beautiful pictures that reflect the stunning surroundings.


We are your secret weapons for an unforgettable elopement in Iceland. We have lists of vendors that help you create an even more complete day. Searching for an officiant with more chill than an Icelandic glacier? A florist who crafts beauty as naturally as the northern lights? Fine-tuning all aspects will make your elopement day legendary, complete with real and raw moments set against the magnificent horizons of Iceland.

Eloping in Iceland in 2024 – The roadmap to a magical elopement in Iceland

Groom dipping his bride at the gorge of Kvernufoss during their elopement

Your step-by-step planning guide: everything you possibly need for your dream elopement in Iceland. The best locations, travel tips and more!


How does this work?

Eloping in Iceland doesn’t have to be complicated! Did you know we will help you all the way? Here is how eloping in Iceland works:

  1. Send your inquiry, schedule your Get-To-Know-You meeting and book us
  2. Together, we start planning your dream elopement. We send you some location ideas, vendor recommendations and a custom-made timeline.
  3. Get your ass on that plane to Iceland and start enjoying the perfect elopement. You will love it!
  4. We send you the photos and you will be teleported back to Iceland and you’ll be able to relive your special day time and time again!

We capture your love story in Iceland, offering more than just photos—we capture your happiest moments. Cold feet? Only from exploring off the beaten path with us. Our focus is on capturing your special moments, from laughs to dances. With us, it’s all about genuine moments, simply and beautifully.

Tim & Julianne – your Iceland elopement photographers

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Pricing & Elopement packages

The pricing of our Iceland elopement packages starts at $3400.

All our elopement packages include coverage ranging from a minimum of 4 hours to a full day or even multiple days!

Scotland as your elopement location is one of the best locations in Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

An elopement is a unique and intimate way of getting married, focused on creating an unforgettable and adventurous experience tailored specifically to your wishes and needs. It involves a smaller, more personal ceremony that often takes place in a meaningful or spectacular location. The key is simplicity and intimacy, allowing you and your partner to celebrate your union without the pressure of traditional expectations or the need to accommodate the opinions of others. This type of wedding emphasizes the couple’s desires, making the day truly about their love and commitment to each other. Want to read more about it? Read our blog; it’s simply named What Is An Elopement!

As your elopement photographers, you can expect our unlimited support to make your special day perfect. We start by understanding your preferences through multiple questionnaires, ensuring we truly know what you envision for your elopement. Our communication is frequent —we’re here to chat whenever you need! Additionally, we provide a curated list of vendors we trust and recommend, from florists to caterers, to simplify your planning process.

We also assist in planning by offering a list of locations and activities you can choose from, tailored to your vision and dreams. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking views or unique experiences during your ‘I do’s’, we help you to find that hidden gem that is PERFECT! We also help you create a detailed timeline for your day, ensuring everything flows smoothly.

In terms of photography, we focus on capturing every significant moment. The number of photos you receive will vary, we don’t work with a minimum or maximum of photos. You can expect a generous selection that portrays your elopement and that will take you back to that moment at any time in your life!

Couples elope to Iceland because of its epic landscapes and the ease of making your marriage legal on the spot, even if you don’t have Icelandic nationality. Imagine saying your vows with jaw-dropping waterfalls, mystical glaciers, and wild coastlines as your backdrop. It’s the ultimate spot for adventure lovers who want to tie the knot while maybe catching the Northern Lights or exploring ice caves.

In Iceland, the legal stuff that needs to be arranged to get married is not that difficult contrary to many other elopement destinations, which is a big plus for couples coming from abroad. Plus, there’s something really special about exchanging your “I do’s” in such a stunning place where it feels like it’s just the two of you against the wonders of nature. It’s all about having a unique, intimate experience that’s miles away from the typical wedding scene.

There is not one specific answer to give! All seasons in Iceland have their charm, so the best time to elope in Iceland depends on your preferred scenery! Summer (June to August) offers mild weather and in July you have almost 24-hour daylight with the midnight sun, perfect for lush landscapes and long photo sessions. Winter (November to February) is ideal for snowy scenes and spotting the Northern Lights, though daylight is limited and weather can be unpredictable. Shoulder seasons like May and September provide a good balance, with fewer tourists and beautiful transitioning landscapes.

Shoot us a message, we would love to get in touch and hopefully answer every question you might have 🙂

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Why We Became Photographers in Iceland

We fell in love with Iceland on our first road trip together. We did a full ring road trip and saw all the highlights. This country’s vast landscapes and beauty completely swept us off our feet. During this time we were already photographing traditional weddings. While we loved documenting our couples’ love story, we felt like it just wasn’t ‘us’.

We thought and felt that it did not fit our ideas of getting married. We believe that your wedding day should be about you as a couple: doing what makes you happy and enjoying each other instead of being forced by tradition. What if we could help you to break free from the norm? What if we could help you have fun and enjoy your entire day? What if we helped people make weddings not as traditional and encouraged people to do what the hell they wanted no matter what others thought? Our quest began and pretty soon we saw that one word that made sense to us: elopements. Getting married on your terms. Doing whatever the hell you like, instead of following principles or society! And here we are – doing what we love most!

The land of fire and ice mesmerizes every single time that we visit, read or see something about it. It is the most beautiful in our opinion and we’d love to go with you to experience that epic wedding day!

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