Milenne and Klaas say yes at Paviljoen Twiske

Milenne and Klaas say yes at Paviljoen Twiske

Paviljoen Twiske, Oostzaan

Saturday, Aug. 24: It is a beautiful summer day when Milenne and Klaas marry. They do this in Het Twiske.

When we arrive, the groom is already ready (including sunglasses) to welcome us and the first guests.

Then it’s waiting for the beautiful bride and the ceremony can begin! The bride walks with her father to the altar where he gives her away.

The rings are exchanged and put on and then it’s time for the first kiss as a married couple!

After the ceremony, it’s time for a beautiful sweet table and a toast to the future.

During group photos, we pull off something unexpected and wacky with the groom’s year club: a beer run. Bottle of beer on the floor, whoever gets it first may have it! This produces hilarious images.

From all the running, everyone gets hungry, and fortunately, a delicious buffet is ready at that time. For dessert, an ice cream truck will drive onto the terrace!

During golden hour, we prefer to go out with the bride and groom, even if it’s only 10 to 15 minutes (sometimes there’s no other way, but we like to take all the time we can for this of course!). As the sun sets, you get beautifully soft and romantic light. For the bride and groom, a moment of relaxation just before the party starts. A moment alone and a moment of peace.

Afterwards, everyone is recharged and it’s time to party until the early hours!

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