Getting married in a Thrift shop in Maassluis, The Netherlands.

Getting married in a Thriftshop in Maassluis, The Netherlands.

Every time we have a wedding somewhere further away from home, we stay in a hotel. So, this time as well! We stay in Rotterdam, in a room with windows from the floor to the ceiling and with a breathtaking view. It’s time to wake up early in the morning: let’s go to Maassluis because today is Joëlle and Jesse’s wedding day.

Our view from our hotel room: not bad at all!

We first drive to the house of Joëlle and her roommates. Here, the MUAH (make-up and hair artist) is already present and hair is being curled. We photograph some details inside the house.

For Tim, it is time to go to the parental house of Jesse. 3 somersaults and you are there! The details this couple has thought out, are fantastic! Since the surname the bride gets includes ‘Hout’ (wood in English), many details are made of wood.

The groom dresses, his sister and mom assisting. And then there is time too much… And what do you and your brother do? Mario Kart! Some portraits are taken and it’s time to move with a super luxurious car.

At Joëlles house, she’s also ready to dress! She gets the help of her roomies. Check the last details, choose the right earrings at the last possible minute and then it is time to have a first look with the parents and sister of the bride. This wasn’t planned, but the idea came along during getting ready. So we’ll make it work!

And then the moment… Joëlle tries to peek outside the window, from a distance, to see if her fiancé has arrived. And the said fiancé tries to peek inside from the street if he sees his bride-to-be. Let’s go downstairs, through the gate… Goodbye to all the tension on everyone’s faces.

After some admiration and greeting the friends and family, we head inside for coffee and cake. We chat and discover that Joëlle forgot her perfume and Jesse the bouquet! The perfume is an easy fix and the bouquet can be picked up on the way to love shoot number 2. No worries!

With a procession, we walk through the centre of Maassluis to a spot picked out by the couple for group pictures. After that, friends and family head home and we walk on for love shoot part 1 where J&J are allowed to pose in the hut of the bridge keeper.

Part 2 of the love shoot takes place in a windmill. The most unique location we saw until then!

We eat our lunch in the car and head to the thrift shop of Joëlle because the first part of saying ‘I do’ will take place in her shop. After the ceremony, we eat cake, drink some coffee and walk in an even bigger procession through the city centre, for the big group photo!

Because we still have some time after the guests left, we take some pictures in the shop.

This night, we dine 100% vegan! We do this in the garden of friends from Joëlle and Jesse, under the grapevines. These friends offer a special bunch of grapes to the couple, specially grown for them.

After dinner, we have to hurry towards church because we still want to take some pictures during sunset. We have 10 minutes for these pictures!

When walking down the aisle, the bride sings a song for her groom and during the vows, there is a lot to laugh about.

After the service, it becomes clear how many people watched the consecration. Dozens of people participate in the pub quiz about the couple. With some snacks and drinks, it is quite cosy! After a while, it is time to go for us.

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