The five best officiants from the Tilburg area

The five best officiants from the Tilburg area

Finding an extraordinary civil registrar (aka a officiant) can be quite a task! He or she must fit your idea of a ceremony, there must be a click … And there are quite a few options! Because do you choose a wedding officiant who is appointed by the municipality itself, someone who is an independent wedding officiant and can therefore perform marriages throughout the country, or someone in your own circles like your best friend, father or sister who may become a officiant for a day? To help you get started choosing, we’ve already compiled a list of the best officiants to marry you in the Tilburg area!

Christel de Laat

She is a comedienne, actress (you may know her from the program Toren C) and presenter for Omroep Brabant and occasionally performs weddings as officiant. Last September, we photographed at a wedding where she led the ceremony. We laughed so much at her! In her own unique way (we have never come across it like this before), she told the story of the bridal couple Arjan and Desiree with a joke, a tear and a self-written poem. Christel knows how to strike a super good balance between emotion and humour and makes for an unforgettable ceremony!

Zeg Jij Ja – Mieke

That every ceremony is different, we know that too! Mieke loves real contact and goes to work with love, joy and passion to capture your love story in words. Words that reflect you as you are and touch the essence. However, before that happens, you can speed date with Mieke without any obligation to assess whether there is a click. And if the click is there and you say YES to ZegJijJa, then the dating begins. That leads to a preliminary interview, where the motto is “it’s all about the details.” After this, for Mieke, the process of writing and planing begins, just until it is finished and good. If you are looking for a truly personal ceremony tailored to your needs, brought full of passion and zest, then you have come to the right place with Mieke.

Liefde vieren – Annet

Annet became an officiant after performing at a friend’s wedding. As an independent wedding officiant, she also performs weddings across the border! A stiff ceremony where everything is just listed about your life does not happen with Annet. Spunk, humour and cheerfulness are how she describes herself in conducting the wedding ceremony. Humour and spontaneity also have a big role. She does not like wearing a gown, just preferring to lead a ceremony informally, in neat clothes! Nothing stiff or normal, out-of-the-box thinking is what she does and recommends to her brides and grooms!

Ceremonique – Monique

As an officiant, she has the municipality of Best as her “home base,” but she travels all over the country and the world. We experienced her in Tilburg at a wedding where she officiated the ceremony. We laughed a lot because during that wedding of Bente and Jeroen we were quite infested with wasps and Monique played on that wonderfully. Beforehand, she wants to know a lot about you as a bride and groom, so she can tell the funniest anecdotes to make it a personal and intimate wedding ceremony. Ask Monique herself what a ceremony should look like? With a smile and a tear, then it’s good!

Met Veel Liefs – Elke

If you want to get married in Tilburg, chances are Elke will marry you! In fact, she is an officiant with the municipality of Tilburg. But also somewhere else, in the Netherlands or abroad, she can marry you as an independent wedding officiant. Through as many as 100 questions (so she says herself ;-)), she gets to know you and your love story during an introductory meeting so that she sets up an informal and intimate ceremony. One that really suits you and one that was written and executed with much love by her!

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