Everything you need to know to elope at Seljalandsfoss

For couples looking for a unique and adventurous way to exchange their vows, eloping at Seljalandsfoss is a perfect choice. The stunning waterfall is located in the south part of Iceland and is one of the most popular waterfalls in the country! It is famous for its height, beauty and one very special feature: you can walk behind the waterfall!

Seljalandsfoss offers a unique and adventurous location for exchanging your vows.

One of the most famous waterfalls

Being located at the beginning of the ring road (the road many people take on their trip to Iceland), this is one of the most visited waterfalls in the whole of Iceland! When driving over the road, you are able to see it. The drive from Keflavík airport is around 2 hours and 15 minutes and does not require you to drive through rivers or over gravel roads.


The waterfall originated from the glacier of Eyjafjallajökull: a name that may sound familiar! The name of the volcano brought air traffic in Europe completely to a halt in 2010. Seljalandsfoss origins from the river Seljalandsá, which descended from the ice cap above Eyjafjallajökull.

For this particular waterfall, the drop of water is 60 meters (196ft)! Although that sounds high, the highest waterfall in Iceland is Glymur with 200 meters (660ft). 😉 A special feature of this location is that you can walk behind Seljalandsfoss. There is a pathway that leads behind and around the fall in summer. In winter, this is a tricky part. With the water splattering around, you can imagine that rocks get icy and slippery. Not particularly safe! During summer, it will still be a little slippery, so keep cautious!

This location is also well visited during the midnight sun; it sometimes makes the venue a little less crowded than it is during the daytime. And if you are not visiting during midnight sun or daytime: it is a magical place when the northern lights light up the sky. The waterfall is lit up when it is dark out.


Seek and you shall find: a hidden waterfall! It is winning popularity in the past years, but this one is well kept secret. It is located not far from Seljalandsfoss and is worth a visit! Walk down the path that is situated in the area of the waterfall and somewhere on your right-hand side you’ll find a canyon. In there you will find this very special cascade!

Capturing breathtaking wedding photos

Seljalandsfoss provides endless opportunities for dramatic wedding photos, making it a great venue for capturing stunning memories of your special day! If you are up for an adventure, Gljufrabui is also one to put on your list. If you see pictures of the location, you’ll probably imagine how a couple could pose behind the falls or can be pictured while walking the trails with the waterfall in the background. This beautiful landscape creates a majestic backdrop for your wedding photos. And: waterfall elopements are totally unique to do, ‘cause who can say they got married underneath a waterfall!

The only thing we would like to say is that Seljalandsfoss is a very busy spot with tourists. Because it is so close to Reykjavik and to the main road, a lot of people visit this waterfall. If you are looking for a quiet, intimate and peaceful elopement ceremony, this may not be the place for you as there will be a lot of people watching. If you do want to continue the elopement here, you can do so in the summer with the midnight sun, with early sunrise or late sunset.

What you need to know about eloping at Seljalandsfoss

If you’re considering eloping at a waterfall in Iceland, this is what you need to know:

Get the necessary permits

You need permits for your elopements in Iceland. They have to be obtained by the Icelandic Tourist Board. You need to apply for the permit sometime in advance, as it can take up to 5 weeks to process everything! You don’t want to stress about this, so start early!

Hire a wedding planner and an elopement photographer (hi, that’s us!)

A wedding planner takes all your stress away and an elopement photographer captures everything of your beautiful day so you can remember it in detail year after year! If you choose us, we will help you obtain everything you need for your elopement day. We help you sort out every single bit to make the day unforgettable, stress-free and completely how you envisioned it! In addition, we capture your day so that 20+ years from now you can still get on some time travelling machine and remember every part of the elopement day. You can also consider hiring a local wedding planner. If you are not familiar with Iceland and all the planning that comes with eloping in this country, a wedding planner may be the guide you are looking for in order to let you enjoy your day when it goes smoothly. Wedding planners take care of everything: from creating a vision board to the logistics of getting to your location to arranging flowers and other styling. They get the job done!

Dress appropriately

Yes, the weather in Iceland is quite unpredictable! The Icelanders often say ‘if you don’t like the weather, just wait a couple of minutes’ and that is fully true 😉 But it is essential to dress appropriately for the weather and that you stock up on layers of clothing. That does not mean you can’t wear a wedding dress or suit though, it means that you need to think through your choices in this: change clothes after you got to the elopement location, or wear thermal clothing over/under the wedding attire. Also important: wear sturdy and comfortable shoes and if you want to change into heels, do that if you’ve arrived at your elopement location. In Iceland, there will be a lot of walking on uneven terrain and on slippery stones and rocks. You don’t want to twist your ankle or break something! In winter it is recommended to wear crampons because of the ice around waterfalls.

Plan for the unexpected

No matter how much detailed planning you’re doing, unexpected things happen. Think of plans b’s, c’s and d’s: in case of an unexpected situation, you can pick up the plan and continue! That saves you from a lot of stress. But all together: the most important part of planning your elopement is that you are marrying the person you love most and that you get to travel to a unique and beautiful location to do this! It is a magical experience to elope at Seljalandsfoss, and one to never forget!

Accommodation around Seljalandsfoss

These places are perfect to stay after you said ‘I do’. They are close to the waterfall, with a maximum of 30 minutes of driving. This gives you the option to visit the waterfall at sunrise or sunset, or travel to Seljalandsfoss when the northern lights start to show!

Seljalandsfoss Horizons – Little but luxurious cabins just 1km from the waterfall. The owners organize tours for epic activities as well!

Cabin in the Seljalandsfoss area – Just 11 minutes a drive and you’re at the foot of the waterfall! The cabin has a patio where you can rest and enjoy the view.

Country Hotel Anna – with just 14 minutes of driving, you’ll be at home at this hotel. It is a small family hotel with 7 rooms and 9 apartments. Perfect for you and your partner, but for a couple of family members extra there’s room as well! At night you can dine in the restaurant and at night you can enjoy the northern lights out of your hot tub!

Midgard Base Camp Hostel – At this place, you can expect the hostel life, mixed in with a little luxury! It’s only 18 minutes from here to Seljalandsfoss. This hostel also has a restaurant, a hot tub and a sauna. Nice!

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