How to plan your elopement ceremony

How to plan your elopement ceremony

If you are planning a wedding, you have probably noticed how many options there are! You have the possibility of having that big, traditional wedding, or you can choose a more intimate form of a wedding: an elopement! If you don’t know what an elopement is or what eloping means, we have the perfect guide for you: What does elope mean

An elopement ceremony fits you as a glove. It contains all the parts you want it to have: from music to readings to exchanging vows. You can take your closest family and friends with you, or just get away with the two of you. This kind of wedding day focuses on you and your spouse. It is all about you, without the stress of a regular wedding and the pressure and expectations of family and friends. It reflects your love for each other, it is unique and tailor-made.

So, how do you plan the ceremony of your elopement? Here are a couple of tips to get you started!

What kind of ceremony?

Firstly, you have to choose what kind of ceremony you want. Do you want to get legally married during your ceremony or do you want to get that done at home before or after the elopement? You can choose to have either a religious, humanist, civil or symbolic ceremony. With all four of them, it is possible to tweak the ceremony and make it more personal.

The ceremony should be tailored to fit your wants and needs. You don’t need to follow the traditional wedding rules and expectations, but you can form the whole ceremony to your liking.

Sit down together to brainstorm: take a piece of paper and write down what is important to you. Do you have favourite moments in your memories, that you can incorporate into the ceremony? Is music a big part of your relationship and do you have a special song in mind that you want to be played on the wedding day? What are your family traditions for weddings and do you want to include something like that in the day? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you want your ceremony to look like.

All about the details

Now you can think of the details. It’s all in the little things that make the ceremony even more special. Do you want to add a special reading? A special part of a holy book? Is there a song important to you?

If you choose to have a religious ceremony, do you want it to be quite ‘standard’ to what happens normally, but then on a special location? Or is the aspect of praying and reading pieces of the holy book good as well? Think about incorporating your own family traditions or cultural customs, or add customs from the country you’re in.

Locations are also a big part of making your elopement personal. Do you want to go somewhere you both have never been to? Or is there a place where you were asked to marry? Or… do you want to go where your first holiday together was? It is all possible! Think outside the box, don’t be afraid! Planning an elopement is about breaking the traditional rules and the pressure others may give you. Do what feels right for you two, whether it is an adventure elopement high in the mountains or a small and intimate wedding ceremony on the beach. The key is to make it reflect both your personality and your love story.

How to break the news?

The biggest challenge to breaking away from the ordinary is telling the people around you. They might have expectations of you and opinions, and might be offended if you tell them. Remember: this is your special day and others don’t have the right to push their expectations on to you. You should do what feels right to you and your partner. Try to involve the people who are offended in planning the experience and keep talking. Explain why you are doing this. People who love you will accept your choice in the end. If you want to, consider a reception or after-party after you eloped. This can be as simple as dining with your nearest and dearest.

In conclusion, creating a personal elopement ceremony is all about making it unique and special to you and your partner. Focus on what you think is important and the experience of eloping reflect you, your love story and your personality. Be creative and think out of the box, you deserve a beautiful elopement!

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