Tips for a romantic fall wedding

Tips for a romantic fall wedding

With many engaged couples having to cancel and postpone their weddings, we are noticing an increase in requests for the fall months. There are many brides and grooms who switch out to the months of September, October, November and December.

Now, if you have that spring or summer wedding in your head where you would bbq and have ice cream and don’t quite know how to form an idea for a fall wedding day, this blog is for you!


Maybe your wedding dress is already hanging. One problem: It’s too cold for your fall wedding day to wear a strapless dress. No problem: in fact, you can choose a satin scarf or fake fur jacket. And if you haven’t chosen a dress yet, you can also look at a dress with sleeves. This way you can still keep warm but without a scarf or jacket. Also, at a fall wedding, you can pick a different dress than you had thought of for summer. After all, now you don’t have to sweat so much in such a hot and big dress!

(Oh and for the men a pro tip: if necessary, put your jacket around your brand-new wife’s shoulders! That will get us hot in advance ;)).

Venue decoration

Making the location cosy might also go a little differently now. At first, you might use fresh summer flowers everywhere for decoration. Especially in autumn, think about decorating with pumpkins, for example. Or use pine cones as name card holders! Order (or make your own!) beautiful floral arrangements with fall flowers and candles on the table runner. In the evening, fire pits scattered around the site may be lit. Fine to keep you warm and super cosy and romantic! You might have to find another venue if you were to get married in a (castle) garden first. For now, then, consider the indoor variety: is there a botanical garden near you? Who knows, you may get married there!


You may also need to adjust things for catering. That bbq and ice cream to go can probably still be done at some locations, but how fun is it to use fall or winter vegetables? How about pumpkin soup upfront, or mushroom soup? And for a main course veggie pumpkin ravioli or a nice piece of game? And then instead of that ice cream, add a caramelized apple! Or if you still want ice cream: apple crumble with cinnamon ice cream.

The flowers

Do you already know what fall flowers are? Your florist will be able to give you more detailed information on this, but you can already think of amaryllis, eucalyptus and hydrangeas for an autumn wedding. This season’s flowers generally have a deep, warm colour. Wonderful to use in your bouquet or decoration!

Plus tip: if you get married in the fall, there are beautiful colours in the woods! For the pictures we will then take during the love shoot, it is mega cool to have the discoloured leaves included. We personally think shoots in the fall might be the most beautiful!

Smiling couple in autumn under umbrella

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