12 reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on your wedding photographer

12 reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on your wedding photographer

You are busy planning your ultimate wedding day. The perfect venue, a great dress, the tastiest snacks and drinks and, of course, the best band or DJ. But then you start adding up the costs. And provided you are a millionaire, you will have to make choices. So we recommend dividing your budget based on your priorities. But one of those top priorities should be a wedding photographer! A good wedding photographer will take timeless photos of your beautiful day so you can still enjoy them 10 years from now. Therefore, we have found for you 12 reasons why you should not save on your wedding photographer.

Often the first question we get as wedding photographers is: what is your price? We find that most people are looking for a price estimate and a good cheap photographer. In most cases, “cheap is expensive.” How wasteful would it be to save on your wedding photographer only to receive photos that show your day completely different from how you experienced it? Therefore, a good wedding photographer will consume a fair portion of your budget, but in return, you really do get a piece of quality.

Remember that a photographer is not just there on your day and then done! There is much more to it: preparation, looking at venues, buying reliable equipment, the investment in courses and hours of time to actually become a wedding photographer and then, of course, the post-processing and selection of thousands of photos.

It is very tempting to ask your niece who can take nice photos or your uncle who is busy with landscape and nature photos. But wedding photography is a real art and a real craft! Want timeless photos you can still enjoy 10 years from now? Then our advice is to invest in a professional wedding photographer.

1. Memories are priceless

This, of course, is the most frequently given answer and therefore quite cliché. But that doesn’t make it any less true! 50 years from now, you still want to be able to reminisce about your wedding photos with your partner on the couch. They are your only tangible memories of your amazing day.

2. You pay for professionalism

A good wedding photographer will make sure to take photos that match your wishes and can also indicate if he or she fits what you have in mind. Professional photographers often specialize in a particular style and therefore know better than anyone if they can realize what you want. So choose a photographer who fits your style. In addition, a professional photographer knows all about light, the right angles and at what time to be where to capture all the beautiful moments of the day. A good photographer will also make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera in order to capture the most beautiful photos.

3. Experience matters

A good wedding photographer is experienced in capturing weddings and therefore knows exactly which moments to capture. Because the photographer knows when to take pictures, he captures all the beautiful looks, emotional moments and loving gestures in photographs. Therefore, you don’t have to keep posing and can just enjoy your day. The result is a gallery full of pure and genuine photos full of emotion and love. Just the way you are.

4. A good photographer lets you relax

Despite wearing the most fabulous dress or a beautiful suit, whether you’ve spent hours in makeup or not… Most of us don’t exactly love being in front of the camera. A good photographer will make sure you can relax during the day, which will also make you comfortable and carefree in the photo.

5. Even the little things are seen

A good photographer will make sure that while you are enjoying everything, your friends, family and the location(s) are captured. Like the moments you weren’t there, but also those beautiful details that complete the decoration of a place. A good photographer looks at the day in a very different way than you and will be able to think creatively with you. Thus, they take cool photos that you will be surprised afterwards that he or she managed to capture.

6. You save time!

At your wedding, you often have a fairly busy schedule. You actually want to enjoy all your friends and family, but you also need to take pictures. A good photographer will provide beautiful photos throughout the day. Therefore, due to his knowledge and experience, a photo shoot does not have to take 3 hours. This way you save time and can often get back to your guests quickly!

7. Come prepared!

Good preparation is half the battle. A professional wedding photographer will be in regular contact with you before the wedding. This is so he or she knows exactly what you think is important to have in the photo or which people really shouldn’t be missing from the photo gallery. Do you happen to have a photographer who is from the area (of the wedding venue)? Then be sure to ask him or her for tips on photo locations. They may have some ideas you hadn’t thought of yourself.

8. Atmospheric and timeless photos

You have spent a capital on your wedding day and everything is finished to perfection the way you would like it. Then, of course, you want your photos to reflect the mood of your day. A good photographer knows how to strike a good balance between photos of you and your guests but also of the decoration, the dress, the wedding cake and, of course, all the beautiful moments like the yes or the first dance. When you look at your photos again 20 years from now, you want to be taken back to the feeling of that day. In other words: atmospheric and timeless photographs. Trust us: that is a profession in itself.

9. Cheap is expensive

As with so much: you pay for quality. Being a photographer is a real art and not everyone can take those great pictures. Especially on a day where so much beauty happens like a wedding day, you want to be able to trust your photographer to capture everything perfectly. Photos of your wedding that make you think, ‘wow! Those look like they came out of a magazine’. We all want that, don’t we?

10. Your wedding photos are not just for yourself!

You won’t be the only ones still enjoying your wedding photos. How about your parents? Your close friends, brothers and sisters? Or the people who cannot attend your wedding day. Especially now with covid, these photos can be invaluable for everyone to witness your love.

11. It is an investment

Wedding photos are an investment you can use in a variety of ways. So you can have albums made for a beautiful and tangible memory. Or you can have photos printed on canvas or aluminium for your wall. That way you can enjoy your wedding photos every day. In addition, of course, you can also use them for thank yous to everyone who attended!

12. Albums: quality and time savings

Through a professional wedding photographer, you can often also order (or have ordered) an album. A good wedding photographer works with a professional photo lab to create the most beautiful prints. The difference between a professional print and a Hema or an Albelli photo album is huge. To really realize the difference in quality, we recommend asking your photographer for a sample. The main benefits are:

Colour match.

Nowadays, every screen is different, and that creates differences in colours. A good photographer has calibrated his screen to the colour spectrum in which the photo lab prints, so the prints match how the photographer edited and intended.

Long-term quality

Albums and prints from a good photo lab stand the test of time. They will not discolour over the years.

Time savings

Selecting and designing a beautiful wedding album that tells the story of your day is a time-consuming task. How nice to not have to worry about this! A good photographer will take the process from you and then present it to you for feedback. That way you also have a stake in it yourself and you can connect the dots.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you not to just skimp on your wedding photographer. Meanwhile, have you become curious about what we can do for you? If so, we would love to hear from you, using the contact form below! Tell us about your wedding day and we will think with you to capture it as beautifully as possible!

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