Biba & Enrico: getting married in the backyard

Biba & Enrico: getting married in the backyard

In June, we took the test: can you host a cosy wedding in the backyard? We organized a so-called styled shoot: a photo shoot where we recreate a wedding day and collaborate with vendors in the area.

With the photos, we want to inspire you as a possible future customer. After all, having a wedding day in your backyard is a super cool idea. Are you having trouble finding a wedding venue due to having to move everything because of covid-19? Then especially consider one of those cosy backyard weddings!

The theme

Our theme was clear: Vintage Backyard. The couple was also quickly found: Biba and Enrico, friends of ours. They rock the pinup and rock ‘n roll lifestyle on a daily basis, so they were cut out for this shoot! Coincidentally, Biba already had a vintage wedding dress hanging in her closet that she really wanted in the photo. They live on the grounds at Poolhouse Eindeloos: a top location to hold small parties or weddings.

Getting Ready

We start the day in peace; Biba has already curled her hair and applied basic makeup. She does her own makeup and hair today. Over a cup of coffee, we’ll discuss the day a little more and then get to work!

On a “normal” wedding day, we always photograph important details during getting ready as well. It often happens that these details tell a story about your personality.

For Biba, her jewellery certainly tells a story. Vienna is her favourite city. The necklace and earrings are Edelweiss flowers. We all connect this flower type inextricably with Austria and The Sound Of Music. In this case, the jewellery is based on Sissi: Biba’s role model.

The sign of infinite love

The wedding rings are from Rings Of Love. This company comes to your home, where you can pick out the perfect wedding rings in peace and quiet. If you are looking for unique wedding rings, this is the place to be! The rings were beautiful and the ohhh’s and ahhhh’s flew out of everyone’s mouths.

We also had an engagement ring. This one is also vintage. Enrico gave this ring as a gift to Biba. The wedding dress hung on a pendant that Biba’s grandfather also used. His initials are on the pendant. So this “simple” pendant also has an emotional charge. We could hang the dress in many different places in the backyard. This shot with the French doors is an example of the versatility of this garden.

Enrico wore vintage cufflinks and a vintage watch on the day.

Time for cake!

Something sweet

Then the day really started! We worked with Kim from Bus van Zus. She came with her (newest!) food truck and provided a beautiful cake and sweet table.

With a sweet table comes beautiful tableware, of course! Totally fitting the vintage theme, Laura from Serviesje van Miesje also collaborated on the styled shoot. The beautiful dinnerware completed this part of the shoot. In the large backyard was a long table. Decked and all, it gave exactly the cosy atmosphere we were looking for. Just imagine getting married like that and dining with all your loved ones at one big table!

Love shoot around the house

And of course, we shot beautiful pictures of the bride and groom…

What do you guys think, did we manage to make it a cosy backyard wedding? We think it was successful and hope to come across it a lot at future weddings!

The amazing vendors who made this styled shoot possible:

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