An Unforgettable Waterfall Elopement in Iceland | Stacy & Jake

Let’s Meet – It’s Finally Time to See the Planning Come to Life!

After months of planning and brainstorming, it’s finally time to gather: Stacy and Jake are tying the knot in Iceland! Together, we’ve organized two full days packed with adventure and joy. We picked up the bouquet from Thordizs a few days ago, and we can’t wait to show it to our bride and groom. She did an amazing job—the flowers still look as fresh as if they were just arranged!

Day one kicks off at their Airbnb, where the makeup artist is giving Stacy her final touches. Julianne helps Stacy into her stunning dress, we gather all their essentials, and off we go! Our first stop is to meet up with Margret, or “Maggie” from Tofa Travel, at the Soup Company in Vík. There, we hop into her super Jeep and start our journey for the day. We’ll be exploring several breathtaking spots in the south of Iceland and capturing beautiful moments of Stacy and Jake’s adventure.

Katla Ice Cave – A Perfect Way to Start This Elopement in Iceland!

Our first destination is the Katla Ice Cave, known as Kötlujökull. Fun fact: ‘jökull’ means ‘glacier’ in Icelandic! A word of caution: never attempt to visit a glacier without a certified guide. And you’ll need a proper 4×4 vehicle for the bumpy ride ahead. Safety first—hiking on glaciers can be hazardous, and you don’t want to get stuck on the road or the ice.

Thankfully, Maggie has all the necessary credentials and equipment. Crampons and helmets on, we embark on our hike. The glacier is all ours, bathed in gorgeous light thanks to a sandstorm that softens the sunrays into a golden glow.

The highlight of the cave is an impressive hole in the middle, sculpted by wind and melting ice.

Waterfall Adventures and finally: sun!

Next, we head to Irárfoss, a beautiful, secluded waterfall not far from the Golden Circle. It’s easy to miss from the main road, but it’s well worth the visit. We spend some time here, enjoying the sunshine and savouring every moment.

Yoda Cave – Wedding Pictures on a Black Sand Beach

On our way back to Vík, we stop at Gígjagjá, better known as Yoda Cave. This charming cave sometimes hosts wedding ceremonies, but today it’s the perfect backdrop for photos on the black-and-white beach and inside the cave. Can you guess why it’s called Yoda Cave? 😉

Bistro Skógafoss

With our stomachs rumbling, we head towards Skogafoss for dinner after leaving Vík and Maggie. Legends say they still find glitter from Stacy’s wedding dress everywhere! 🤭 As we enjoy our meal, we keep refreshing our phones to check the northern lights forecast. And there they are—faint but visible in the distance. The wind is too strong and cold to step outside, so we admire the lights from the warmth of the car.

Finally, we drop off Stacy and Jake with their family, who’ve joined them for this special occasion. We see lots of happy faces, share our goodnights, and promise to see everyone again tomorrow for the big “I do.”

Getting Ready for the Elopement Ceremony

When we step into the cabin the next morning, Stacy is already getting her hair and makeup done. Everyone else is just hanging out and relaxing. After a while, Jake heads over to their own cabin to get ready, keeping a bit of surprise for their first look. Stacy and Jake’s kids, along with the bride’s dad, also get a first look, and they’re all stunned by how beautiful she looks. It’s time to head to the ceremony location.

Gluggafoss – Our Location for a Waterfall Wedding in Iceland

Finding the perfect spot for the ceremony took some time. Stacy and Jake wanted a waterfall elopement that was both accessible and secluded. Gluggafoss was the ideal choice, offering a quiet spot with minimal wind. Sharing this emotional moment with their loved ones, we can’t help but think: what an incredible and heartwarming job we have.


To wrap up this perfect elopement, we’re invited to a lovely dinner at Hotel Ranga. With all the guests, we share stories, enjoy a delicious meal, and end the evening with an Icelandic wedding treat: the kransakaka. The bride and groom, along with the bride’s dad, mom, and the kids, share a few dances. What a beautiful trip this has been!

Good to Know…

  • In Iceland, the weather is unpredictable and can change by the hour. This means you need to stay flexible with the schedule, be open to changing locations, and keep an adventurous spirit for your unforgettable elopement day. Everything will work out in the end, don’t worry and just have fun!
  • Safety is a big deal in Iceland. There are many potential hazards, especially on glaciers. Always hire a certified guide for glacier visits. You don’t want to slip into crevices, step on hidden melt spots, or break a leg on your elopement day!
  • Did you know you can have an all-in-one package with Maggie? She’s also a certified wedding officiant! Even though Stacy and Jake didn’t have a glacier elopement, we’d love to photograph that someday 😉

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