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So you got engaged and are feeling stressed about a big wedding? You're feeling overwhelmed with all the planning and things to manage? But all you really want is a day that is really about you and your partner in a place that's really special for the both of you.

Well, guess what?

You are not alone! Loads of people choose to elope instead of having a big wedding for that exact reason, so why shouldn't you? Your love isn't about a big guest list and neither should your wedding day!

So, what should the day be like?

It looks like whatever you and your partner love doing together!

Start your day with a picnic breakfast at a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the mountains. Sounds cool?

How about a special ceremony at that crystal clear mountain lake while the sun sets behind the mountains?

What to do in between? Do a cool hike, take a hot air balloon up in the air, go ziplining through the forest or whatever else you can think of.

Does that sound like you? But you’re worried about feeling awkward or pressured by the camera. DON’T! We're gonna have loads of fun together and while we're at it we will capture you and your partner being yourselves and doing what you love.

We help you with every step

So how does it work?


Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we'll start planning your dream elopement!


During this part we'll shoot loads of questions your way. We will help you plan out your vision and make your dream elopement reality.

Enjoy your dream elopement and get your photos after!

The big day! That dream elopement we've been planning has finally arrived. Enjoy your day and don't worry about the photos. We got you!

Let's plan your dream elopement

Our style

There are so many ways to describe wedding photography styles these days. We think this sums ours up pretty well!

Classic & cinematic

We love to create unique and timeless pieces of art in an effort to create an artistic story of your wedding day.

Authentic moments & pure emotions

We are always looking for pure & authentic moments during your wedding day. That's why our images will let you re-live that magical day and not only show you what it looked like.

Documentary story telling

Our journalistic approach will make sure that we capture your day in all its beauty! We believe that your love will shine on its own without too many directions from us. Of course, we will help you get comfortable and enjoy the experience without awkward posing.

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We're Tim & Julianne

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What you get in all your elopement packages

What eloping with us includes


Photo coverage of your day by Tim & Julianne

Your wedding shouldn't feel like a full-fledged photoshoot. That's why we will find a perfect balance between creating those epic photos and taking a step back and capture candid moments while you and your loved one enjoy each other

An easy to use online gallery + complimentary album


We will deliver your photo's in an easy-to-use online gallery from where you can download, print and share all your photos. All your photo's come with full printing rights. In some packages, you will also receive a complimentary luxury album custom-made especially for you.


Personalized location recommedations

We are always exploring new locations and looking for those breathtaking places. We love it and have become pretty good at finding them! After you booked with us we will have loads of questions for you to get a good idea of what your dream elopement looks like so we can send you a personalized and tailor-made list of locations!


Our vendor, lodging and activities recommendations

You chose your location and don't know which vendors to use or where to stay. Don't worry, we got you! We'll share our list of vendors and lodging with you. We won't stop there; we also give you some really cool activity options! Custom-made for you. It could be hiking, off-roading or ziplining. Northern lights hunting anyone?

Custom-made timeline recommendations


Once you've chosen the where and the what. We will help you sort out a custom-made timeline for your amazing day. So you are at the place you love during the best times for light, weather and to avoid as many other people as possible. All to help you get the most out of your special day!


No additional travel fees

All our travel and lodging fees are included so there will be no surprises!

Elopement packages

European elopement

Unlimited consultations & planning help

Photo coverage of your day by Tim & Julianne

Personalised elopement location recommendations

Vendor, lodging and activities recommendations

Tailor-made elopement timeline

Online gallery with full resolution images and print rights

24 to 48 hour sneak peaks to show the world

Travel & lodging fees included

Starting from €3500

let's talk!

International Elopement

Unlimited consultations & planning help

Photo coverage of you day by Tim & Julianne

Personalized elopement location recommendations

Vendor, lodging and activities recommodations

Tailor made elopement timeline

Online gallery with full resolution images and print rights

24 to 48 hour sneak peaks to show the world

Travel & lodging fees included

Starting from €5000

let's talk!

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Do you offer multiple day packages?

Can I bring guests to my elopement?

General Questions

Yes we do! We offer custom-made packages to fit your exact wishes. So if you want to have your elopement in 2 or 3 days instead of 1, we're totally down for that! Please shoot us a message telling us more about your dream elopement and we get back to you as soon as possible!

Of course you can! We at Tim Wouters Photography specialise in small and intimate weddings and elopements with a maximum of 20 guests. In the end its all down to who you want to take with you on your adventure. Just you and your loved one? That's absolutely fine. Want to take a few of your closest friends and family members with you? No problem! Your day, you decide.

Do you help us plan our dream elopement?

Where do I go to elope?

Absolutely! We're there to help you every step of the way. We have loads of tips & tricks for you ready in our elopement guides and we also have lots of vendor and lodging recommendations. It is possible that we also help with the legal stuff and even with timelines for your day! Location scouting is one thing we love to do, so we've got some cool locations for you as well!

You can go anywhere in the world, it's completely up to you! That's what makes eloping so great. But we can also understand that there is just too much to choose from and you don't know what to do. We're here to help you decide where you should elope to. We have loads of blogs with inspiration for you; for example this one: the best places to elope in Europe