How to tell your loved ones you’re eloping

Telling family and friends that you are eloping can be a delicate matter! Some may be happy for you, but sometimes it will be disappointing for people. Everyone may have different opinions or expectations. In this blog, you will read a couple of tips for breaking the news to your loved ones.

Plan how you’re going to introduce your plans

Before telling it, make sure you both spoke about the matter. Make a clear plan for how to break the news and if you both expect someone to react angry or disappointed, make a plan for how to de-escalate the situation. Tell people what you are planning. Talk about details: the date, location, your wishes and how to incorporate the loved ones in the day.

Choose the right time and place

Pick a moment that is appropriate for this conversation. As we said above, some people will react in a negative way. It will make the situation easier to have the talk at a decent and right time. Our tip is to have this conversation in person: you can explain yourself and tell people about the details.

Prepare yourself for different reactions

Just as we said above; think about what reaction you’re expecting from the people you’re telling the news about. You’ll get different reactions; from negative to positive! Be honest and transparent, explain your reasons for eloping and let them know what your vision is. Are you including family traditions, or are you taking people with you? Tell them if and how you are incorporating your loved ones in your elopement day, or after you come back.

Be clear on what you want

Explain why you want to elope and what you expect from people. Yes, they may be upset, but it is important to proceed to do what you want to do: eloping. People who love you will sooner or later accept whatever you choose to do. Communicate with people about how you are including them in the elopement, or if you will celebrate with them afterwards.

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Include loved ones in the planning

People will probably love to help you with the whole planning process! Ask them for their opinion: what do they think is a good location fitting you for the elopement? What activities do they recommend? Are there family traditions that you can incorporate into the elopement? Think about things they can contribute to the big day and make fun of the preparation! Are you going to wear a wedding suit or dress? Take loved ones with you when you go shopping, just as you would do with a regular wedding!

Send a gift on the wedding day

What about giving them a surprise on your wedding day? Gather for instance small baskets with champagne glasses and a bottle of bubbles and let them deliver on your elopement day. This gives people a way to celebrate your love, at a distance! If they are joining you via a virtual connection, they can cheer with you after you said your ‘I do’.

It’s important to remember that eloping is your personal decision; you do this because this works best for the two of you and is what you want to do. Keep in mind that you are worth doing this and don’t let others decide what you need to do! In the end, your loved ones will accept and be excited about what you want to do because they love you.

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