Sunrise at Reynisfjara: A Black Sand Beach Elopement | Marit & Maarten

The day has finally arrived for Marit and Maarten’s dream elopement on the black sand beach in Iceland. This beach, also known as Reynisfjara, lies next to Vik í Myrdal. After months of planning, the excitement is palpable. We’ve organized an incredible adventure filled with stunning landscapes, unforgettable moments, and pure love. The bouquet from Thordizs is perfect, ready to shine on this special occasion.

Sunrise Magic for a Black Sand Beach Elopement

The day begins bright and early. We gather all their essentials, and we’re off to our first breathtaking destination: Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

Our adventure kicks off at the iconic Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach at sunrise. Known for its dramatic black sands and towering basalt columns, this location is a breathtaking spot for a black sand beach elopement. The soft morning light creates a magical atmosphere as Marit and Maarten exchange their vows against the backdrop of crashing waves and striking scenery. It’s a surreal and enchanting moment, perfectly starting their journey together.

Kvernufoss – A Hidden Gem Waterfall

We make our way to Kvernufoss, a somewhat hidden yet stunning waterfall just off the beaten path. This secluded spot offers a peaceful and intimate setting for Marit and Maarten to share some quiet moments together, say their vows, and have a small self-solemnizing ceremony. The waterfall’s mist and lush greenery create a picturesque scene, capturing the essence of their Iceland elopement. Did you know you can even walk behind this Foss?

Diamond Beach – Sparkling Ice and Black Sands

Our adventure continues to the mesmerizing Diamond Beach. Here, the black sands are dotted with sparkling chunks of ice that have washed ashore from the nearby glacier lagoon. The contrast between the ice and the sand is breathtaking, providing a unique and ethereal setting for photos. Marit and Maarten are captivated by the beauty around them, and we capture some truly magical moments as they explore the beach hand in hand.

Northern Lights Photoshoot – A Dreamy End to the Day

As night falls, we keep an eye on the sky for the northern lights forecast. Luck is on our side, and the auroras start to dance across the sky. We find a perfect spot away from any light pollution and set up for a photoshoot. Marit and Maarten are silhouetted against the glowing lights, creating a dreamy and unforgettable scene. It’s a perfect ending to an incredible day, filled with the magic of Iceland.

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