The best places to elope in Europe in 2023

So you’ve chosen to do something different. You decided to elope, instead of having a significant and traditional wedding. Good choice! Planning that huge wedding can be quite stressful. Lately, we see more and more couples choosing to go a different route and elope instead. But still, eloping can be scary. Don’t let this stop you though, because it is also super exciting and fun! If you choose to celebrate your love for each other, it’s only logical that it reflects your life and the love you’re creating together. Are you ready for an adventure? We support couples all over Europe helping them get their dream elopement. Since there are so many places to elope in Europe, we’ve decided to share our absolute best locations with you.

Best places to elope in Europe

Are you looking for inspiration for your elopement in Europe? Then I’m confident that this blog will give you loads of ideas and locations where you can elope. Europe is very diverse and has endless possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you want to get married on a snowy mountain peak or a white sand beach. Europe has everything you want to have your dream elopement.

Our top 18 best elopement locations in Europe

After a lifetime of travelling through Europe and shooting weddings and elopements for years, we’ve gathered our top 18 favourite elopement locations in Europe for you!

  1. Dolomites, Italy
  2. Lofoten, Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Swiss alps
  5. Highlands, Scotland
  6. Austrian Alps
  7. Tuscany, Italy
  8. Amalfi coast, Italy
  9. Algarve coast, Portugal
  10. The Provence, France
  11. West coast, Ireland
  12. Faroe Islands
  13. Lapland, Finland
  14. French Alps
  15. Positano, Italy
  16. Bavarian alps, Germany
  17. The Netherlands
  18. Greece

The Dolomites, Italy

There are loads of mountains to find in Europe, but the Italian Dolomites stand out with their rugged mountains and jagged peaks. It’s really unlike any other place in Europe. The Dolomites are a UNESCO heritage site for a good reason! There is something for everyone here. From easily accessible scenic locations via high mountain passes to intense hikes that take you deep into the mountain range. This area is known for its hiking, skiing and climbing possibilities but it also has loads of crystal-clear mountain lakes with some of the most epic backdrops. How's the food you wonder? It's great! A mixture of Italian and Austrian delicacies makes some delicious meals.

Want to learn more about the Italian dolomites? Check our Ultimate elopement guide for the Dolomites.

Lofoten, Norway

One of our favourite places to elope is absolutely the Lofoten area in Norway. The unique scenic fjords and rocky mountains combined with rugged coastlines make this place truly epic! Depending on the time of year there is even a possibility to spot the northern lights.

The Lofoten offers something for everyone.  In winter it's cold and snowy and there will be little daylight, which means there is a bigger chance to catch the northern lights. In the summer it's warm and sunny. You’ll have loads of daylight as there is something called the midnight sun. This means it doesn't get dark at all! There are lots of activities to do like whale watching, mountain biking and hiking.


The land of fire and ice! Where to start? This country has so much to offer. Iceland is a pretty big country with so much variation in landscapes. Beautiful waterfalls, beaches with black sand, volcanic lava fields, geothermal lagoons, glaciers, epic mountains and let us not forget about the northern lights!

We love Iceland for elopements as it is pretty easy to reach by plane and so many of the epic locations are easy to reach by car. You have the best locations without having to hike very far. There are some really cool and remote locations to be found when you like to hike a bit more.

We’ve made a complete elopement guide in Iceland to help you on your elopement journey. Check it out here!

Swiss Alps

If you like crystal blue lakes, epic mountain peaks, jaw-dropping lookouts, luxury mountain cabins and so much more, then the Swiss Alps are for you. It is located in the heart of Europe, putting it in the perfect position for a Europe trip honeymoon!

Some of the most iconic locations like Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Zermatt are perfect hiking destinations with epic mountain scenery. Discover the mountain peaks by taking the ski lifts and spending the night in one of the many mountain cabins. Switzerland is also a great place to elope in winter. Imagine skiing or snowboarding down the mountain, surrounded by the mountains to your elopement ceremony. COUNT US IN!

The highlands, Scotland

The Scottish highlands, what an amazing place this is. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The amazing nature in Scotland is one of the main reasons to elope here. The many lochs, mountains and amazing sea cliffs make it a great place to elope. But that's not all! Scotland is full of historic places, castles, amazing folklore and legends. From Vikings to knights and lords. Scotland has it all! Check out our complete guide to Eloping in the Scottish highlands for more information.

The Austrian Alps

The Austrian alps in short: a versatile landscape, with cascading waterfalls, wonderful hikes, delicious food and sweet people! Hiking here is as hard as you want to make it. Do you want to see beautiful waterfalls? Visit the Bärenschützklamm in Steiermark, or go geo rafting on the Salza river: a combination of an adrenaline rush and some history lessons in the gorge of Eisenwurzen! Visit the Skywalk in Dachstein - a suspension bridge not for the faint-hearted people! Your lookout is the Dachstein glacier.

In Austria, you can also legally elope as a same-sex couple, even if you’re not an Austrian citizen.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is by far the most visited country in Europe to elope in! One of the most beautiful places in Italy is Tuscany, known from the Movie The Gladiator. Tuscany is also known for its amazing nature. It's super diverse, allowing you to elope in the mountains, hot springs or on the beach. There are loads of small picturesque villages where you can enjoy some of Europe's finest cuisine. Italy is of course famous for its delicious food and Tuscany is no exception. Obviously, Tuscany has a lot to offer in the history department as well so there is no reason to be bored.

Amalfi coast, Italy

Another one of those famous Italy destinations is the Amalfi Coast! If you love pastel-coloured villages on rugged seacliffs, narrow roads all over the coastline and the most amazing sea views then the Amalfi Coast is the right place for you.

Algarve coast, Portugal

Are you dreaming of a Beach wedding? Do you love the Mediterranean vibes? Then the Algarve Coast in Portugal is the place for you. It has some really nice beaches, epic seacliffs and don't forget the Mediterranean sunshine.  Combine this with the amazing food and you can have yourself a blast of an elopement!

The Provence, France

In the southeast of France, you will find the region called Provence, known for its beautiful purple fields of lavender, reaching as far as you can see! When organizing your elopement here, you can be sure to hear the cigales, cicadas in English. They sometimes make a deafening noise which is typical for this part of France. And speaking of animals: who thought you had to travel far or to a zoo to see flamingos, was wrong! In the Camargue, on the border of the regions Provence and Languedoc, they live in the wild! The Camargue is a swamp with numerous shallow salt lagoons and it’s established as a nature reserve. On some of the salt lagoons, you can have beautiful photoshoots when the golden hour starts, resulting in a white floor and a sky that’s on fire! On the western side of the Provence, you have the pretty village of Aigues-Mortes, which rose in the middle ages. This place is perfect for those romantic photos, though it can be very touristy in peak season.

West coast, Ireland

Ireland prides itself on its hospitality! So if you want your guests and yourself to have the best time then Ireland is the perfect place for you. The Irish are known for their generosity and open-minded culture. It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, you will be treated equally and fairly. The Westcoast is by far a gorgeous location. Offering mountains, rugged seacliffs and much more.

Faroe Island

Unspoiled beauty! That's how we describe the Faroe islands. If you love the green valleys of Scotland, and the otherworldy landscapes of Iceland then you will absolutely love the Faroe islands. A less crowded destination but equally beautiful! The locals are friendly and eager to share their country with you. Waterfalls, seascapes, rugged cliffs and mountains. The Faroe islands offer it all.

Lapland, Finland

This is probably one of the most romantic destinations you can choose. It's truly a winter wonderland. A great chance to spot the northern lights and the millions of different saunas and spas. Also, it's pretty adventurous with dog sledging, northern light tours and of course all the snow-related activities you could wish for!

Positano, Italy

Another one of those famous Italy destinations is Positano. If you love pastel-coloured villages on rugged seacliffs, narrow roads all over the coastline and the most amazing sea views then Positano is the right place for you.

The Bavarian Alps, Germany

Located in the south of Germany and close to the Austrian border, you’ll find the Bavarian Alps. This is the perfect elopement location if you're looking for picturesque alpine villages, green meadows, painted houses, beautiful mountain lakes and great hiking routes into the mountains. The best place to stay would be Garmisch-Partenkirchen as it is close to all sights and a perfect place to explore the Bavarian Alps from. This area is also full of castles of which Neuschwanstein is probably the most known. This is a fairytale castle high up in the mountains. Did you know that this castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney when they were building the castle of sleeping beauty in Disneyland California? In the Bavarian Alps, you will find a lot of beautiful castles, lakes and gardens.

The French Alps, France

You’ll find the French Alps in the southeast of France. This is where you’ll find the highest mountain in Europe: Mont Blanc. In the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley, you will have amazing views of the mountain itself. You can go up the mountain from each of the authentic villages in this valley to see the Argentière glacier, or to stand on the top of the Mont Blanc after a heavy hike. In the French Alps, you will find everything we’ve come to love about the mountains. Sweeping views, high alpine lakes and epic mountain ridges will never disappoint!

Bonus tip: the Pyrenees

A less touristy destination, but still an amazing place if you love the mountains: the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain and traversing Andorra, are mostly overshadowed by the Alps. But they also offer amazing mountain ranges with quaint villages in the middle of snowy and untouched landscapes. Hike to the top of a beautiful mountain peak and exchange your vows at sunset or sunrise!

Julian Alps, Slovenia

If you love to go off the beaten path, the Julian Alps are just what you're looking for. This mountain range in Slovenia borders Italy and Austria. These mountains are known for their waterfalls and water activities such as paddling the Soca river or hopping on a boat to discover lake Bled.  Another huge plus is that this place is a lot more budget-friendly.

Ski & snowboard elopement locations in Europe

How cool would it be to go skiing or snowboarding for your elopement? Europe has some of the best ski resorts in the world, so there is plenty of choice for you. These ski resorts combine stunning scenery with that mountain town vibe and world-class pistes. Get ready for an active and adventurous elopement! We’ve listed some of the best ski areas Europe has to offer.

  • Kitzbuhel, Austria
  • Zermatt, Switzerland
  • Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
  • Chamonix, France
  • Zillertal, Austria
  • Val Gardena, Italy
  • Wengen, Switzerland
  • Les Trois Vallées, France
  • Val d’Isere, France
  • Sankt Anton am Arlberg, Austria
  • Zugspitze, Germany

Eloping in a city

Several European cities are perfect for eloping! If you really like culture and the buzz of people, you can consider eloping in:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • Graz, Austria
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • London, UK
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Cochem, Germany
  • Trier, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Helsinki, Finland

And many, many more!

Eloping on a beach

In Europe, you have a lot of beaches to choose from when you want to get married with the sea babbling in the background! Do you want a more cold destination or a warmer one? Consider these beaches:

Ibiza, Spain

An island well known for its partying and bohemian themes! It is located in the Mediterranean sea and has mountains coated with forests and rocks. In Ibiza, summers are hot and winters are quite mild. In summer, Ibiza will attract a lot of party people. Therefore it will be busy, but if you guys are up to a good party, you should seriously consider eloping here!

Collioure / Argelès-sur-Mer / Port-Vendres, France

If you are looking for a more rough-looking beach with rocks and pebbles, take a look at the beaches near Argelès and Collioure. Crystal clear and blue water, cosy towns and a lot of vineyards: this is a beautiful spot in the south of France!

Langevelderslag / Zandvoort, the Netherlands

We don’t know if we have to categorize this one as a ‘cold’ destination, or a ‘warm’ one! Winters in our home country are often rainy, windy and cold, but summers are here to warm us and start us complaining that it’s too hot 😉 Getting married on a beach is fairly normal in the Netherlands, a lot of people will do this in summer. Consider doing something different: get out there in autumn, when it’s a little windy and take a walk over the beach, pause in the dunes, say your vows and go to a beach restaurant for a nice hot cup of chocolate milk with whipped cream!

Black Sand Beach (vík), Iceland

If you already took some time to explore our website, you might have already read something about this beach! The contrast between the waves of the sea and the black sand is so beautiful, and what about adding a pretty wedding dress to the mix?! In Iceland, you’ll find more beaches with black sand. This one, in particular, is quite touristy, but others are more remote. If we join you on your elopement, we will find a more remote one for you!

couple eloping diamond beach, iceland / ijsland

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