6 ways to make your elopement unique

6 ways to make your elopement unique

Are you planning your elopement and do you want to make it super special and unique? You’ve come to the right place: in this blog, we’re going to give you a couple of tips to make it an experience like no other. From choosing the right and perfect location or adding traditions and customs to your ceremony, we’re here to help you make your elopement one-of-a-kind! If your wondering what an elopement is or what It means to elope, check our blog : What does elope mean

Do whatever you want and what makes you happy

Your wedding day is a day where you get to feel special and where you get to do whatever you want. It is so easy to get caught up in things that other people want and expect of you, that you can walk past your own wishes and ideas. With an elopement, you can let go of all these expectations and focus on the main thing: the love of you and your partner. To start planning the elopement of your dreams is beginning to let go of the ‘box’ that we’re often in. Think outside the box and dream BIG. Everything is possible!

Choose a unique location for your elopement

Pick a spot that is special for you and fits your relationship together. Do you enjoy hikes and adventure? Pick a spot in nature and get married there. Plan activities such as a multiple-day hike, paddle boarding, Via Ferrata, mountain climbing, off-roading, or going on a helicopter tour. Are you two more a couple to enjoy your feet in the sand? Plan your elopement on a beach! This can be combined with having a beach picnic, swimming, diving, SUPping or having marshmallows by the campfire. Choose something that fits you! Oh, and do you like snowboarding or skiing? You can TOTALLY elope on a slope (ha, that rhymes 😉 ).

And you know what, you can also travel to some place new. Go to the end of the world and discover new places and make new memories! In that way, you get ties with a new part of the world and you’ll have a place to go to forever!

Personalise the ceremony

Create a ceremony that is totally YOU. We wrote a blog on how to plan an elopement ceremony (that you can read here), but creating a ceremony that reflects the personality and your love story, is a thing to remember forever. Include vows that you’ve written yourself with all the heartfelt confessions you want to make, choose readings from poems or religious books, add music that is meaningful to you and incorporate rituals and customs that are special for you.

Incorporate interests and hobbies into your elopement

To make the whole experience even more personal adding interests and hobbies to it. For instance: if you like the cold and snow, then you can go skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or sledding! Love being on the water? Rent a boat, go kayaking or canoeing!

Active activities are well-known ideas for personalising your elopement. But what if you both are wine lovers or foodies? Then you book a table in a good restaurant, book a tasting at a vineyard or a brewery!

Create a theme for your elopement

If you’re both Star Wars or Harry Potter fans, you can add this to the day as well! We had a couple that had incorporated some Star Wars things into their wedding: the groom had cufflinks and a wedding cake with the words ‘I love you / I know’.

Over the years, we experienced a couple of brides and grooms adding a theme to their weddings. From colour themes to bohemian themes; it makes it a whole lot more personal!

Choose a wedding attire that fits the true YOU!

Whether you want to wear a bikini, a speedo, a dress, a suit or hiking clothes: it is all possible! Do you want to wear classic attire like dresses or suits, but don’t want to wear white? Why don’t you try to wear your favourite colour! A red dress, a blue one, a black one: do whatever you want

Bonus tip

Did you know… that we LOVE dogs being present at elopements and weddings? Dogs are like family and it would be strange to leave them at home! Fun fact: in some states in America you can sign your dog as a legal witness on your marriage license, haha!

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