6 reasons why you should elope

6 reasons why you should elope

Planning that beautiful but traditional wedding may not be for you. Maybe you’re worrying about the stress it can cause, or that everyone will interfere in planning the day exactly how you want it. There can be numerous reasons why people choose to elope. If you find it difficult to decide whether you want to elope or not, here are some signs why you should elope!

You value privacy

If you and your partner value privacy, especially around life-changing events in your life, and you prefer a more intimate and personal wedding experience then eloping is perfect for you! Eloping allows you to exchange vows and rings privately. You can choose to have your ceremony at a remote location, where nobody disturbs the experience. You can invite only the closest people and are able to share the happy news whenever you want (and if you want to share it). Eloping can be done without having to perform some sort of ‘act’ in the public eye.

You want a destination wedding

Have you always dreamt of having that destination wedding in a sunny country, with pine trees swooshing in the wind and a pool at hand, but it’s too expensive to fly everyone over? Then an elopement can be a solution! You can make the elopement as expensive if you want and you can invite whoever you want.

You want something non-traditional

Do you get tired of the whole traditional way of weddings? Getting ready, first look, love shoot, ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, dinner and a party… It can be quite tiring to do that all in one day. An elopement will give you time: you don’t have to do all of this, and not even do a fraction of it in one day! It can take even 2 or 3 days, depending on your wishes. And you can add in all of the traditions you want to add. No need to do it the way others do it, you can do it however you want!

You don’t want a big wedding

If the thought of a big wedding, or the thought of planning a big wedding freaks you out, eloping might be a perfect solution. Elopements eliminate a ton of stress and allow you to focus on the important things. Do you freak out thinking you have to be the centre of the whole day? With an elopement, you won’t have all eyes on you.

You want to avoid family drama

Yes, it is not really a situation you want on your happy day, but for some people, it is a stressor during wedding planning. While some couples struggle with a divorce in the family, others will struggle with parents that don’t get along with a spouse or the other parents. With eloping, you can choose to go to the end of the world without having to take anybody with you to the elopement.

You want to make your wedding more special

With eloping, you can depart from the normal way of doing things. No need to follow the regular expectations of a wedding day, but just do what you want to add to your special day. Eloping is more intimate as most of the time it will be just the two of you and the people that matter the most! Find new traditions that you both like and incorporate this into your day to make it an experience to never forget!

It is important to remember that eloping is personal. It is up to you and your partner to decide whatever you want to do and whatever works best for you as a couple. If you like the idea and find yourself in the reasons written above, plan a brainstorming session with your fiancé(e) about your expectations and vision for your elopement and start planning from there! Need photographers for your elopement and their experience and guidance? Hit us up, we’re here to help and capture all those precious moments!

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